Monday, August 29, 2011

It's Been Real Jansport!

Dear Jansport,
It's been real.
Very real.
18-years of real.
I'll never forget the day in 1993 when you and I first met.
I was starting college at LSU and could not have been more excited.
You and I have been through a lot together.
Walks along the LSU campus, hikes in California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona,Virginia, Tennessee and the mountains here in beautiful North and South Carolina.
But, after all these years it's finally time for us to part ways.
 I'm an adult now and it was made official when my husband, Brad, purchased this awesome North Face backpack for my birthday(which happens to be today).
 I would say the two of you could be friends but it's time for you to retire.
Thanks again for the memories.
You'll always be cherished.
Yes, it's my 36th birthday!
I've come a long way since the days of Holly Hobby lunchboxes!
Happy Monday!
The countdown is on until we are on Lake Erie!


Ashley said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Have a wonderful Birthday celebration :)
Nice new pack. I have always had the North Face ...well that replaced LL bean sometime in HS. An LL bean WITH my name on it. I really got picked on for that.

mrs.mfc said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

How on earth did you get that bag to last so long?? I went through to so many of those! The bottom always wore out! Love the new bag!

The Jones Family said...

Haha, love it!

Happy Birthday!!!!

April of Smidge Of This said...

Happy birthday Dee! What a perfect present for you -- nice job Brad!

Jessi said...

Happy Birthday!!

Annie said...

Happy, Happy Birthday!!!

teresa-bug said...

I had that lunch box, too!!!

Happy Birthday! Have a great day!

I Do Declare said...

Happy BirthDEE! {I sort of loves saying that!}

Nikki said...

Happy Happy Birthday! You can send your Jansport to live my purple Jansport in my parents garage?

MCW said...

Happy Birthday! I still have a Jansport. Love it.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! I had the same lunch box! (I'm almost 35).

And..the same backpack!

Love the new one.

Gen said...

happy birthday sweets!

If the shoe FITZ said...

I just had to throw away a Eddie Bauer pack. I was just looking into a NF. Love them!

starnes family said...

Great new pack. We're big North Face fans.

Blake just found mine from LSU. It has a Phish patch on it. :)

Jess at Just Rainbows and Butterflies said...


love jenny xoxo said...

Happy Birthday!!! I hope you had an amazing one!! I had a very similar back-pack growing up, gotta love the Jansport!


The Soladay Family said...

Hope you had a great day!


The Rand's said...

Happy (late) birthday!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy (belated) Birthday! And I totally had that lunch box too. LOVED it!