Thursday, February 19, 2015

Shelby's First Symphony Concert

While we were spending a weekend in the mountains my parents spent the weekend here in Charlotte with Shelby.
My Mom wanted to do something fun and special with Shelby on Valentine's Day so I started looking around and noticed that the Charlotte Symphony was having their first 'Lollipops' concert of the season on actual V-day.
They only have 3 a year and after talking to a few people who have been before I knew it would be something fun for them to do with her.

It was Uptown at the Knight Theater here in Charlotte so my parents bought tickets and made their way into the city.
The theater is not far from the Panthers stadium.
 One of the big draws for the concert series are the activities they have beforehand for the kids, one which includes a musical 'petting zoo'.
It gives the kids a chance to see, touch and learn about the different instruments in the symphony.
My parents said Shelby was a bit shy, but that's to be expected at age 2.
 I was SUPER excited for Shelby to experience such a thing, and really would have loved to have been there, but knew they would enjoy it too.
 It gives her exposure at an early age to cultural events, something I hope to continue.
 They also had a drum circle, which they said she was very interested in.
 Of course, a few Valentine's Day treats were in order......along with an arts and crafts project they had for kids.
 They had the chance to make their own 'drum'.
 After an hour of activities, it was time for the concert.
The theme was Beethoven.
 In my Dad's own words...
'She was into it......for a while'
My Mom said the last 10-minutes she got bored.
Not surprised.
She has a hard time getting through an entire movie.
Again, she might have been a tad bit too young but I really like she had the exposure!
 They all had a great time!
 But, the highlight might have been this....
Seeing how the air/heat can lift your skirt up.
Marilyn Monroe much??
 So cute and so much fun!
  After the theater, a lunch of mexican was in order.
It's Shelby's favorite.
Thanks so much to my parents for not only taking care of her the entire weekend, but taking her to do such fun things!!!


Allena said...

How fun!! She looks like she really enjoyed it.

Kate @ Daffodils said...

It is such a blessing to have grandparents who want to spend time with and do special things with our babies!