Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Super Bowl Sunday

Super Bowl Sunday isn't by any means one of my favorite days of the year unless my team is playing in it.
It seems the past few years it's the same ole' same ole.
I mean how many times can the Patriots win?

Anyway, our neighbors hosted a party and I went until halftime.
Earlier in the day we did a whole lot of this.
 Then around 5pm I headed a few doors down to our friend Bryan and Shannan's house for their party.
Brad isn't big on Sunday night outings so he opted to stay home with Shelby.
FINE with me!
 I brought boring chocolate chip cookies but there was some pretty amazing food on hand.
 Brian made homemade periogios!!
I'm still impressed and wanting more!
They were delicious!

No bake football cookies.
Must remember to make these next year!
 There were also wings, ribs, sausage joe sliders, fried chicken and pickles and more!
This group really went over the top!
 I love the pregame show where the show the troops overseas watching the game.
To me, football is just patriotic.
 I always get teary when hearing the National Anthem and this year it was over the top!!
 The halftime show was a little different with all the computer generated graphics and the mix of Katy Perry, Lenny and Missy, but I enjoyed it.
My favorite commercial?
The one with Katie Couric and Bryan Gumble talking about the internet.
So funny!

It was a fun night, but I was glad to be home and in bed by 9pm.
No, I didn't even watch the end of the game!!
I hear it was exciting though!!!
Until next year!

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Allena said...

I didn't watch ANY of the game, ha. That food looks AMAZING. I am trying to lose weight (sigh) so that was a little bit of torture, ha!