Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Valentine's Day Festivities

I'm so behind on posts, not only mine but reading.
I'm officially shut out of reading blogs at work, so that makes it hard because now I have to make time to read and not just post once I get home.

So here's my attempt at a partial Valentine's Day entry.
No worries, there will be 2 separate posts for the actual day.
One for Shelby's first symphony concert then our trip to ski in the mountains.
Shelby's school celebrated in style for V-day.
I wasn't sure at first if 2-year old classes honor the holiday like others, but they do.
 I'm going to be honest, I didn't really plan to do Valentine's because I figured they are too young and wouldn't know anything, but I was wrong.
After talking to another Mom I decided to buy boxed Valentine's at the store and at the last minute had a gut feeling I needed to add a treat for her to give to classmates too.
I was right...

Even so, I didn't take full control.
I allowed her to personalize every last Valentine to all 15-kiddos in her class.
She LOVED every minute of it.
 I would actually address, then allow her to scribble and put stickers on them.
When I would tell her each classmate it was for she would look at me and say:
'Oh, okay!!! and look down and start scribbling as if she was writing their name'
 Yes, there were even a few Valentine cards that were sealed with a kiss!
Talk about melt my heart!
 That same day she received her Vday gifts from Brad's parents.
She racked up.
 Her favorite...a card!
 Buddy is still on the down and out so no real toys for him any more, but Grammy did him proud and included him!
Cute or what??
 Wednesday night I got my hair cut and colored, which is always an entire night, so Brad took Shelby out for a special Valentine's day dinner.
And, on Thursday GiGi and Poppi came in for the rest of the weekend and Shelby received Valentine treats and goodies each day along with a fun outing.
 It began with us starting what I want to be an annual tradition, we made a heart shaped pizza.
 We made it easy with store bought crust, canned sauce, cheese and pepperonis.
 We even made a few heart shaped bite sized pieces!
A little wonky, but still fun!
 Shelby had no issues with it being lopsided!
 Brad and I headed out that next day for our annual mountain get away for our anniversary, and my parents kept her out of school and took her back to the Discovery Place in Huntersville.
 Good times, great memories, can't wait for next year!!
Thanks to both sets of grandparents for everything!

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Allena said...

How fun! She is one loved little girl for sure (and SO cute)!!! I absolutely used to hate having to do all the cards and such for the kids at their daycare - it was a project for me! At their new school, they just did crafts as a class and had extra snacks, so no work from me - it was awesome, ha!