Sunday, February 22, 2015

A Tree for Every Season

Last week much of the South experienced a blast of winter weather.
While we were hoping for snow, unfortunately we got ice down where we live and that's about it.
It was enough to cancel school and keep us at home.
Of course, we both have laptops so we both tried to work in between trying to entertain Shelby.
 One of the ways I did that was to go ahead and convert Shelby's tree in her room for St. Patrick's day.
She helped...
 I plan to convert the tree for Easter too, then after that it will go in the attic until next Christmas.
As you know, the tree was decorated for Mardi Gras and we actually converted it on Fat Tuesday.
I was given a hard time for not waiting until Ash Wednesday but it just seemed to easy to do it then because of having the day off.
Not to mention, it kept her busy for a couple of hours.
 I think it turned out perfect!
Now to brainstorm about how to decorate for Easter!


Allena said...

Looks great! Don't put it away - you could do red, white, and blue and cover Memorial Day, Flag Day, 4th of July, and Labor Day!!

Sarah O said...

This is such a fun idea to have a holiday tree. I remember decorating for all holidays as a kid and loving it. I might have to borrow this idea when my little miss comes around.