Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Treehouse Vineyards - Monroe, NC

This past Sunday was beyond gorgeous weather here in the Carolinas.
70-degrees, sunny, with a slight breeze.
The weathermen predicted it was going to be this way so we planned in advance and talked to our friends Katie, Josh about doing something and bringing their 4-month old Jack along.

We chose Treehouse Vineyards in Monroe, North Carolina for our destination and it didn't disappoint.
 For the record, it's aobut 30-minutes from Charlotte, in the middle of a transitional residential neighborhood and their wine is mostly muscadine, but they do have a few 'fair' bottles of dry varietals.
I opted for a tasting, but sort of regret it.
Out of the 8-wines they poured, 5 were muscadine and I don't care for those.
I literally left the tasting after 3 wines and went for a bottle of their chardonnay.
 We packed a picnic, bought a bottle of wine and enjoyed the quaint grounds.
Very rustic, electic, but fun and great for kids to run around and entertain themselves.
 The treehouse, is obviously, one of the big attractions here.
You can actually rent it out for the day, but this particular day it was open for guests to check out.
Up we went.
 There was also a room up there, but I didn't realize you could go.
Brad took Shelby back up there to check it out but didn't take pictures.
 View from the treehouse.
Attempt at a family picture.
 Baby Jack was looking cute as a button his his western wear, complete with cowboy boots!
 Such a fun day with friends!
We all agree, that we will go back!!
 A fun, easy get away from Charlotte.
 And, family friendly.
 As I mentioned earlier, the wine is just okay, but not terrible.
The land the vineyards sit on, has been in the same family for many years.
The muscadine grapes are grown on property but the dry wine grapes are bought from a vineyard in Winston Salem.
The grandson of the landowner is the winemaker and gave us a brief tour.
 The wine is only sold on site, and not in stores.
He said they've seen an increased demand though.
 If you're looking for a quick day trip on a nice day from Charlotte, I would say make it Treehouse.
I know we'll be back!


Allena said...

What are muscadine grapes? My favorite wine is moscato so I highly doubt you and I would share a bottle. ;)

Sarah O said...

So fun! So neat that it's a family business.

Fran @ Sassy Southern Bride said...

It looks beautiful there! I would love to check that out. I am not a big fan of muscadine either though.