Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I'm still in shock over today's verdict in the Casey Anthony Trial.
Absolutely no justice for Caylee.
Breaks my heart.
I can't imagine what her parents are going through right now.
Still not knowing what really happened to little Caylee.
We know she didn't drown in the pool. 
Get real.
Over the holiday weekend I kept watching our niece Paige and thinking to myself -- that's like someone doing that to her?
The same age.
The super cute age.
How could she?
The only person who really knows the truth is getting ready to walk free.
I wonder what 'Tot Mom' expects to do or where she'll go?

Are you as sick about it as I am?
Especially the way the Defense celebrated knowing that that the truth is still unknown?


Allyson and Dave said...

Dave wants to go bail her out of jail tonight so he can write a book about it. Seriously...I had to talk him out of it. He is always looking for a way to call attention to himself!

She is so guilty. But the evidence was not there. I hear she has a $1 million deal pending with People...sickening.

The Lenzers said...

She will be "infamous" for this now and makes tons of money. I think it is total bull shit!!! How are her parents going to treat her now? It literally made me cry!

Hopsy said...

Even if she did not kill her, she still HID her body and then DUMPED it after she spent her time partying. It is really disheartening and I cannot believe Baez and his team felt it was ok to go party this afternoon!

Nikki said...

So angry. What in the hell was she doing for that month her child was missing?

If my child died, I would want the death penalty so I could see my baby again.

The Jones Family said...

I'm just in shock myself. How was she not guilty of abuse or neglect? Her child was gone for a month. I FREAK out if my child isn't home at the appropriate time and track him down.

It really is sick.

FROGGITY! said...

I want to throw up about this. I was literally shaking when they handed down the verdict. Child abuse = when you "Don't know where your child is" for 31 days... regardless of whether she did it or not (she DID it...) I mean. Come on.

I am just glad they didn't finish the trial on the 4th or it would've ruined my day. Hope you are well!!

DSS said...

I do believe that the prosecution didn't provide evidence "beyond a resonable doubt". Which is frustrating. I feel like they have missed something, and then they won't be able to try her again if/when they find it :(

But, the fact that Casey wasn't convicted of child neglect? Clearly that baby was neglected beyond a resonable doubt!

donatelli98 said...

What's the most sickening is the publishrs and people who willpay for her story so she can make millions. She should have to dnate it all to a children's charity and not be able to profit at all!

Monica said...

I was sick all day yesterday. Depressed really. Still am. For those of us who so desperately want children, it's like a punch in the gut. That precious little girl. So innocent and pure. Killed by a monster. Her own mother.

And the defense? Partying like that? Wow. No class. Had the state won, there is no way in HELL they would have acted in that manner. This world is a sick place. That's all I can say. I'm just as infuriated as you are.

Alexandra Bee Blog said...

Ugh, I agree--disgusted! I'm actually watching Dateline now about it all!