Monday, June 29, 2009

Hiking Along the Blue Ridge Parkway

If you haven’t noticed by now – hiking is my favorite past time and Charlotte being near the mountains is one of the main reasons I moved here. I mean – I moved here 7-years ago and the first thing I did was join a hiking group.

Anyhoo – to escape the heat of Charlotte me and my hiking buddy Kelli decided to spend the weekend on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

There are tons of different places to hike here in the Carolinas but I picked this one stretch of the BRP because it’s higher elevation which means cooler.

Kelli, Buddy and I hiked part of the Tanawha Trail on Saturday – nearly 6-miles and pretty tough. It was a lot of maneuvering over rocks and boulders. I found the trail through my new book I purchased called Best Hikes with Dogs in North Carolina. GREAT book! Then on Sunday we did a short 2.5 mile loop call the Green Knob Trail around Julian Price Lake Park and it was awesome. We hiked through the forest but also a pasture!

Well, that’s it for now – countdown to the Fourth of July is on but until then enjoy the pictures!

Happy Monday!

Pasture along the Green Knob Trail

You hike along and through Sims Creek on the Green Knob Trail

Before getting on the Green Knob Trail

Water along the Tanawha Trail

There were TONS of wildflowers on both hikes!

A brick wall on the Tanawha Trail?? craziness..

Me and Kelli. Met here in a hiking group here in town.


The Lenzers said...

Well I must say I am impressed, with you and with Buddy!! And wow, wouldn't I love to come there in the fall. That picture is beautiful. I wish I could hike. Sometimes I have to sit down after going upstairs to get the boys. I would never make it up a mountain-bou am I weak.

starnes family said...

Lovely pictures. My heart belongs in the mountains....but my sister's does not (physically and healthy wise), so we moved away from them. I will enjoy traveling to them now!

Happy you like to hike. So good for you and it provides some excellent views! Taking kids is a ton of fun, too. I know yours will be all over the country like mine. Finding bugs, collecting rocks, climbing on rocks.....they love it!

If you need help with the header/design of the blog, let me know. I create my headers from Fair warning - you will become addicted quickly. Then, the back grounds are always from

Love your current look, but in case you want to change it seasonaly, those are two good sites. Enjoy!

If the shoe FITZ said...

We love to go on hikes. If we go to Lake Tahoe in the summer we always hike..I think it's Eagle Rock..or something like that. Obviously, not a ton of hiking in North Texas...but we'll find parks and such to pretend....