Monday, October 1, 2012

Weekend Wrap

We worked the entire weekend and we have a LOT to show for it!
You all will have to wait to see.

We started on Shelby's nursery and I'm happy to say it's coming together as I had envisioned.
The only thing that is not working out as I had planned was what to put on the walls.
We have the shadow box that I posted about a few weeks ago is up already, but the primary wall still needs something.
I'm thinking of taking these 2 printable pieces and framing them up.
The only thing is - I'm in need of another printable that will go with them.
Again, these aren't fancy but I think put into bigger frames with 8x10 mattes they will look really good on the wall.
We spent the weekend cleaning out reorganizing and I ran across things I had forgotten about.
Including this pig cookie jar that was my maternal grandmothers.
It actually matches the colors of the nursery nicely.
I just need a shelf to put it on.
For now, here's a look at the nursery.
Of course, it looks better than this now, but you'll have to wait.
We are SOOO very LUCKY to have been given our crib by my BIL and SIL.
I was telling a friend last night about the fact that we've had this crib and a ton of other baby stuff, sitting in our guest room closet for over 2-years.
Imagine, how that felt when struggling with infertility.
Makes you feel like a big, fat LOSER!
There was one moment of the weekend that did not dealing with working on house and baby stuff.
I attended Sara, from The Mrs and the Mister, 40th birthday party!
It was a great event and I got a chance to meet her family and a ton of her friends!!
They were all wonderful!
Happy Birthday again Sara!!
I had a blast!
How was your weekend?


Easton wife said...

Love the colors & it's going to be perfect :)

starnes family said...

Yay for the nursery! I have seen a ton of the large metal monogram wall decor pieces and think they would be darling for a nursery.

donatelli98 said...

Can't wait to see the pics Dee!!

Brianna Tucker said...

The crib is so nice! I love a classic white crib!
So glad I found your blog

Kelsi Strong said...

That crib is GORGEOUS!! Congrats :) said...

You could always get letters and put her name on the wall. that's what I did with Blake's room and what I plan on doing with TBA's nursery as well. I always think that looks so cute for kids rooms, too!

Tricia said...

Hurry up and show pics of Shelby's nursery...I can't wait. :) And I am loving that sweet pig! :)

GeorgiaDixieDoll said...

"Big, fat loser?" Wow, what a wonderful comment to post to those who might still be faced with infertility. How lovely.

Ashley said...

stop teasing us and SHOW US the room :)

Leigh Powell Hines said...

I love that pig. So cute. Her room is going to be great.