Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Shower for Shelby

This past Sunday one of my very close friends, who happens to be a work colleague, hosted the most lovely baby shower for me.
It was truly the icing on the cake now that I'm in the home stretch of this pregnancy.
 She stuck with the pink and green theme since those are the colors in Shelby's nursery.
She even went as far to have someone to bake a cake that matches the fabric in her nursery!
 How unbelievable is this?
I'm still in love.
It was delicious too.
Debbie, from Debs Sweet Cakes here in Charlotte made it.
I wore the same dress as I wore to my last shower because frankly, I couldn't find anything I liked better in the colors that I wanted.
And, I'm sorta over spending money on maternity clothes.
As I mentioned, my close friend was gracious enough to host this shower and it included 13 of some of the greatest women I work with at my current job.
Karen and I have known each other for nearly 8-years now and Brad and I just adore her and her husband Mike.
The shower was held mid-afternoon and she had all sorts of delicious munchies for everyone.
And, of course cocktails too.
Alcoholic and non-alcoholic. 

That green bottle at the end is a Dryck Bubbel Paron sparkling pear drink from Ikea of all places.
I am on a mission to get some for the holidays!
It is AWESOME, especially if you can't have the real thing -- meaning wine.
One of my other favorites that she served were pear slices topped with pimento cheese.
Who would have thought?
She got the suggestion from a friend who had this at a recent wine tasting.
A MUST try!
Absolutely everything was wonderful and I was lucky enough to have my Mom at this shower too.
I'm secretly happy that her business has slowed down a bit allowing her to be around during my pregnancy.
Other shower guests included Sheila, who I worked at Fox Charlotte with.
She now does the same thing I do for work, just at the competition down the street.
Great minds think alike.
Co-workers Emberly (in town from Boston), and Von.
Kim and Tiffany.
And, my manager and friend Cindy.
Cindy has been there for me through all the ups and downs!!
I appreciate her friendship a ton!
Shelby racked up in the gift department.
She got cute outfits, blankets, a stroller, activity mats.
Fun bath time toys and necessities.
A baby briefcase.
This was one of the more clever gifts, click here to buy one as your next shower gift.
Perfect for Type A's like me, it's an organizer for all the baby paperwork you get before and after the baby is born.
It allows you to keep everything from the birth certificate to the doctor's bills in one place.
I couldn't be happier!!
There were also books, diapers and a ton of other great items given.
I feel so LUCKY to have such great friends and work colleagues!!
Thanks again to my friend Karen for hosting and all of my friends for attending!
It was an intimate setting that can be described as nothing less than perfect!


Southern Living: Preppy Style said...

How fun! What a great shower, you look beautiful in that dress, I love Lilly! The baby briefcase is such a great idea and that pear sparkling wine from Ikea? Yummy!

I Do Declare said...

So cute with the cake!!!!

Coco said...

That cake is amazing. Email me your home address when you get a chance.

Mikelle Jade said...

looks like you got some cute stuff! and you look adorable-- that dress really flatters the bump! and I can't get over that cake- perfect! Congrats! Time is flying by, she will soon be here!

Tricia said...

Girl, I'm just loving all these showers. You have some incredible friends and family. Miss Shelby is going to be looking extra gorgeous in all these sweet outfits. You look amazing, and I'm so excited you are in the final phase. Soon enough, girlie! xoxo

Leigh Powell Hines said...

I really like that dress, and that cake is awesome. I love it.

eas said...

You are blessed to have such good friends. And you look lovely. Shelby is one lucky girl with so many people ready to love her!

Jamie said...

What a great shower. That cake is gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Your shower was beautiful! Everything looks amazing. I love your dress, and the cake looks delicious. It's amazing that it was made to look like the nursery! How sweet :)


Sara said...

That cake is awesome!! And the baby briefcase is genius. I could use that now even!

Ashley said...

So much fun!! hahah, the baby briefcase! I have expandable folders I made tabs for myself for this kind of stuff- Anika currently has 3 expandable folders and a 2 inch binder...and counting! Lol. I had no idea they sold these! too funny.