Sunday, October 14, 2012

Already Thinking about Christmas....

I know, we barely have the pumpkins on the porch and the turkey is far from the oven but I'm already thinking about Christmas!!
Well, this year I have a REAL good excuse!
Giving that our due date is December 5th, I've got shopping lists on my mind and big plans on how I'm going to get my house decorated for baby Shelby to have a proper first Christmas.

What else am I thinking about?
I've already decided that we will combine Shelby's birth announcement with our Christmas cards.
We have some friends who did this last year and it was super cute so I've already started looking around.
Tiny Prints has a TON of choices for photo Christmas Cards
 many of which are brand new this year!

I really like the feel of this merry spot design, it just seems cheery to me!
 But, I have to say I'm partial to the custom collection.
You could even hang it on the tree!
Some friends of ours did this tri-fold selection last year and I voted it the best card of the entire holiday season!!
What I love about this one the most is -- how it gives you space to write an update on each family member.

This card also gives you room to give a short synopsis on each family member.
I love them all!!

I know it may still be early for some of you, but why procrastinate?
Go and check out Tiny Prints special offers page by clicking here.
There are a lot of great deals.
Just 72 days until Christmas!!
This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own and for real.


Carly Anne said...

It's a big undertaking to have to prepare for a birth and a first Christmas. I've been stressing a little about getting the house decorated before Vivienne arrives too.

We decided to use a bump pic with me, the hubs and the pup for our Christmas card and to send her birth announcement sometime in January. (Now let's just hope she doesn't arrive before December 1st. Ha!)

I love your idea of combining the announcement with your card - you will have to post it!

Mrs.Fisher said...

Hopefully all the decorating is done without too much stress. We used Tiny Prints for our son's birth announcements and I loved working with them!

Leigh Powell Hines said...

Love Christmas card season. When Baby Diva was born in November, I combined our Christmas Card/Birth announcement. It just makes sense.

I Do Declare said...

Christmas cards = my obsession.

Ashley said...

eh, I Need to think of something fun for our photo this year.

Wiz said...

I am already stressing over this!! Since I am scheduled for an induction 12/27, I may just do a Happy New Year's card combined with a birth announcement.

love jenny xoxo said...

you are so smart to plan ahead! I really like the ornament ones... such a cute idea!