Monday, October 8, 2012

Alayna and Sean's Little Rock Wedding

 One of my best friends, who happens to be my cousin, got married this past weekend!
 It was my debut as a Matron of Honor too, which was very exciting!!

Alayna and Sean make their home in Little Rock so that's where all of the wedding festivities were held.
On Friday it was a balmy 80-degrees but late that evening the rain started and the temp dropped to 46 and never got higher than 50 the rest of the weekend!
Even so, everything turned out beautiful!

Friday evening, the rehearsal dinner was held at Cotham's in the City.
My parents traveled in for the event.

My Mom's sister and my Aunt Jane, was there with bells on too giving Alayna is her granddaughter.
 A lot of people made their way to the Capital City for the big weekend!
Saturday afternoon, wedding preps began with hair and makeup.
 Gorgeous dress!!
 Funny story..
The hairdresser was the guy who use to do my hair when I was in beauty pageants back in high school.
I suggested him after Alayna struggled to find someone to style her hair the way she wanted it for her big day.
He did a GREAT job and it was fun to see him again.

Alayna's hair looked the best I had ever seen it!
Mandy and I were the only two attendants in the wedding.
Of course, when Alayna set her wedding date last September, I had no idea I would be pregnant.
I actually, hoped I would have given birth by now giving we were undergoing fertility treatments at the time.
Then, of course everyone has FREAKED me out in the past few months saying there is no way I would make it to the wedding being 32 weeks pregnant.
Well, guess what?
I did! and I was feeling good!
God is GOOD!
 I feel so honored to have been there for the little moments that will forever be remembered.
Like this one.
A mother pinning the veil on her daughter.
 And, the moment right before she walked down the aisle.
 Alayna and Sean got married in the Catholic church where Sean grew up.
Very special and sentimental.
 And, the happy couple right after they said "I DO!"
After the ceremony we all made our way back into downtown Little Rock for the reception held at The Peabody.
 It's hard to capture just how beautiful the room was with pictures.
Our cousin Terry, who is a florist in Hot Springs, did all the flowers.
The groom is a die-hard Cardinals fan, hence the cake.
It was a delicious Italian cream.
Everything turned out GREAT!
(even my spray tan...LOL!)
 Cousin Dana.
 Me and the Bradster.
 Aunt Jane
I'm so happy for Alayna and Sean!
Here's to a lifetime of health and happiness!
 They left for their honeymoon this morning, their destination?
Niagara Falls and Canada!!

Congrats again!!!!!


Unknown said...

Hope the pictures helped. Deanna, you looked gorgeous! Dad

Anonymous said...

Great pictures! Congratulations to them both! You all looked beautiful! I love the bridesmaid dresses :)


starnes family said...

You look amazing! You look prego finally, but still gorgeous!

Sara said...

What a beautiful event. And I agree with your Dad-you look gorgeous! :-)

Jordan Cole said...

You are looking SO incredible, seriously...I hope to look like you when I am pregnant, amazing! And I know I've said it a million times, but just in case....

Their wedding was beautiful as well, and I adored the colors that they chose!

Mandy said...

You look amazing! And the spray tan looks great with your that color. Ha!

I Do Declare said...

Happy Honeymoon to Alayna! I loved the lace on her dress, and y'alls BM dresses were such perfect fall colors!

Carly Anne said...

It's sort of ridiculous how good you look in that orange dress...

Mikelle Jade said...

You look awesome... and the Bride is beautiful! How lovely!

Leigh Powell Hines said...

What a lovely wedding, and you looked beautiful. So did the bride.

Ashley said...

BEAUTIFUL!! WHy would people say you wouldnt make it to the wedding ? You are PREGNANT, not dying! geeze!