Monday, April 18, 2011

Easter Inspiration and Other Random Stuff

 It's official -- we're hosting Easter at our house again this year. I'm just now getting serious about tablescape and such.

Hopsy posted this picture today and I love the idea and am considering doing it with brighter colors. Yellow, pink, red.. you know..
cute or what?

I Do Declare posted about the Hostess with the Mostess' idea to use carrots in a vase as a centerpiece. I adore this but am thinking it might be a challenge to find carrots with the greens still on them.

I'm not sure the Farmer's Market would even have any? I still might try.

I also saw these haystack cookies that I have made before but I never considered doing them for Easter and putting candy eggs in them.
SUPER cute! They will be on my list for this week after work.

I'm still at a loss for place card holders? Last year I put them with chocolate bunnies but this year I'm thinking pastel M&M's in clear bags with bows.

What do you think? Ideas? Let me know!

Aside from Easter time now for other random ramblings:
* I've been having crazy dreams that I remember vividly when I wake up.  Some are nightmares! Anyone else experience this? A reoccuring them is car crashes and someone breaking in.  This is nothing new.  It was even worse when I lived alone.
* I love the review site Yelp. Anyone else jumped on that bandwagon? My friend Katie said she's obsessed too. I just wrote a new review today about a restaurant we visited in Abingdon.
* I have an award given to me by another blogger and I need to do it -- maybe tomorrow.
* The Real Housewives of OC.  I've decided I have to be in the mood to watch their show and Sunday night is not the night.  It totally gets on my nerves and I'm not sure why?  I'm fine watching it other days of the week so I'll check it out on DVR.  Does anyone else think Tamra is over the top this season?
* Nick Cage got arrested in NOLA over the weekend and my sorority sister Carol spotted him earlier in the day in the Quarter before the commotion.  Funny stuff.. check out her blog here.

That's all I have for this Monday!! Send me your ideas!


MCW said...

What about making the haystacks into card holders? Arrange the eggs so a card can slip in the middle? Love the carrots!

Summer Athena said...

oh yes, we both say those bird nests! love love love.

nic cage sucks. bah.

i have weird dreams all of the time.

Monica said...

I LOVE all of those Easter ideas. All so cute! I can't wait to see what you come up with.

Mikelle Jade said...

very funny. I think I will try making haystack cookies as well for Easter!

The Soladay Family said...

Great ideas. I agree with MCW on making the haystack cookies into the name cards. Edible namecards=awesome.

Annie said...

That'll be fun to decorate for Easter dinner. Love the first pictures. Peach is so pretty for spring.

donatelli98 said...

Cute stuff Dee ... can I come over for dinner?? Those cookies look fabulous and I bet your niece and nephew would love them and m&m's as place card holders.

Dee said...

Nahh! I agree with you about Tamara, she's way over the top!

Jenny DB said...

I often have Lucid dreams. I don't know if its possible but they seem more common when I eat spicy food. Not sure... anyway, I try to enjoy them but that can be difficult when they are scary or totally bizarre, which is about 50-50.

starnes family said...

Haystack nests can also be made with shredded wheat/marshmallows/butter, etc. We did them last year and they're darling.

Yes, I love the idea of the carrots! Maybe try Whole Foods or the like?

The Lenzers said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the carrots! super cute, might have to try that one myself. I am not doing too much since it is just the 5 of us. I hope to one day to a whole table like that. I loved all the candies and such. I did the birds nest last year but just did it with rice crispy treats and the eggs. Also cute is just chocolate cupcakes with green icing grass and jelly beans or the eggs. or the chocolate cake Cindy posted with the chicks was cute. Do you want the place cards to be something people take away?
Dreams are freaky. I remember mine often. Have you changed any medication or food? sometimes I think that causes more vivid dreams?
I have been DVRing RHO? too and watching later. I just watched NY yesterday with the "fight" and was literally laughing out loud. These people are so dumb you can't stop watching.

April of Smidge Of This said...

I love that tablescape Dee -- you should totally recreate it! We move into the new house this weekend and my parents are coming up to help... I guess that could be considered as us hosting Easter as well? We'll be up to our eyeballs in boxes but I may just have to see what I can whip up for a Sunday brunch.

PS - I have break-in nightmares often too, and my other recurring dream is tidal waves taking me under. Scary, right?!

I'maNolaGirl said...

That first picture is the best Easter inspiration ever. I love the color scheme! Thanks for such a great post!

teresa-bug said...

I saw some carrots at the FM on Saturday.

love jenny xoxo said...

I love the ideas for Easter! Super cute and springy!


Blairadise said...

Love the carrot idea. And I love anything bird right now so the nests as card holders sounds perfect to me. Good luck with all the preparation!!

Ashley said...

I hosted Easter dinner last year and it was kind of a disaster- I tried to have too many dishes- things were not all ready at the same time....ugh. I am thinking about having my Gram and Grampa over for brunch instead since my parents will be away. I love those haystacks- super cute. ALl the real housewives can get on my nerves if I watch at the wrong time. Tamara is a mess. They all are :) Did you watch NY? Alex has REALLY changed!!