Thursday, April 28, 2011

Buddy Update

Are you all so OVER seeing pictures of our dog on this blog?
Oh wells.
Here's a few more for your viewing pleasure.

Easter Sunday -- compliments of his GiGi aka my Mom.
This was before the pooch pulled his back out.
 We're on day 4 of doggy painkillers, muscle relaxers and carrying the fur ball from floor to floor in our 3-story townhouse.
I'm sorta over it --and I think he is too.
He doesn't understand why we're blocking him in the basement without full reign to go upstairs or on furniture.
I'm pretty sure he thinks he's better. To be honest -- I think he might be too.  BUT.. the doctor said we should do this for 2-weeks to be sure so he doesn't injure his back anymore and end up in surgery.
Last night when I took him out to use the potty he took off sprinting.  Buddy is no lazy dog and likes to exercise so I'm sure all this laying around is getting to him even though he's drugged up.

I'm thinking we will continue the meds and carrying throughout the weekend and then start weaning him off and see what happens?

Does anyone else have experience with this? I have several friends with beagles and/or bassets and this is pretty common.  They say they get better in a few days.

On another topic -- prayers sent out to everyone affected by this week's tornadoes.  Truly terrible.  One of my business partners here at work told me that her Dad's house was destroyed last night.  He and his wife got into the bathroom in the nick of time before their roof came off and they were staring at the sky.
I grew up in tornado alley so I know just how scary they are.
That's it for this Thursday.
I can't wait for this weekend to get here.


donatelli98 said...

So sorry for your friend! Lots of prayers to all of those affected. Cute pics of Buddy - glad he is feeling better. I have no experience with that but I say go with your gut - your his mom!

The Jones Family said...

That is scary. We too are saying prayers for all those who have been affected. Tornados just scare the shit out of me.

Hope Buddy gets well soon!

The Lenzers said...

all these storms are terrible! glad buddy is feeling better! you are your moms mini me

I Do Declare said...

Buddy is a trooper - I'm glad he's doing well. And I could never tire of his handsome mug!!

Sara said...

Glad to hear that Buddy's on the mend!

Cute pic of you two. I haven't watched any of the tornado coverage, but I'm sure it's awful. So sad. Seems like a lot of stuff is going on this Spring. We had horrible wild fires here that destroyed 100's of thousands of acres and my parents best friends house burned to the ground. Nothing left but the chimney. Horrible!

Deviled Megs said...

Hope Buddy is on the mend!

Summer Athena said...

man oh man. buddy...

ps - you are pretty!

Nikki said...

I can't believe those tornados. What is happening?

Glad to hear Buddy is doing better. They're hard to tie down, why don't they understand it's for their own good?

rebecca said...

hope buddy gets better soon. my dog is like my child. i'd be freaking out! props to you for being such a good mommy.

Jenny DB said...

I hope Buddy the Beagle is feeling better soon!!! That is so sad he's feeling ouchy! I'm sure he's itching to run and play too..

starnes family said...

Sweet Buddy! Glad he's on the mend.

No idea.....we only have Batman. :)