Monday, June 30, 2014

75th Elvis Themed Birthday Party

This weekend we were honored to attend my cousin Jay's 75th birthday party.
His 4 kids, planned it for months and they had all the details down!

Jay is a big Elvis fan and even enjoys dressing up as him, so they made it a Blue Hawaiian theme.
It was also a surprise party all held at their neighborhood clubhouse.
Of course, kids were invited, so Shelby was in tow.
 A tiki hut for the bar complete with adult beverages and kid friendly ones too.
 I got to see and hang out with my cousin Cindy, who has been so kind to give us so many hand me downs for Shelby.
(she is also jay's youngest daughter)
 To say Jay was surprised would be an understatement!!
I'm not sure where he thought he was headed but he was shocked when he walked in and saw everyone.
 There was a ton of family, many whom traveled in for the big day.
 No doubt, no detail was left out...
 My cousin Marty.
(jay's son)
 I got to meet cousin's I had never even met before.
 They hired a DJ to play some tunes and everyone got their dance on.
 It was a great time indeed.
Shelby even left with a rug burn on her head after falling down with this beach ball.
 Finally, Jay and his immediate family.
A professional photographer was there and got the entire group, but I have yet to see that picture.
Happy 75th Birthday Jay!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

They really went all out! It looks like such a fun party! :)

starnes family said...

What a special party. He looked so surprised! Love the spread, too!