Monday, June 30, 2014

Potty Time!

We had a jam packed weekend and there's a lot to tell, I'll be recapping as the week progresses.
For today though, I want to hear from you guys about potting training.
Shelby is almost 19-months and her doctor said now is a good time to start 'awareness'.
We bought a Minnie Mouse potty over the weekend and after the 4th of July I plan to really hit the ground running.
She's been showing interest by letting the teachers at school know when she's dirty and she has even started taking her own diaper off.
So, since I'm totally clueless, tell me how you got started and what your best methods were/are.


Allena said...

For Trent, I let him run around outside naked a ton. It helped him see/feel what was happening when he went to the bathroom. Then we just talked about the potty A LOT. We didn't really start any of this with him until 2, and we didn't push it at all, and he was botty-trained in just a few months. Drew's school doesn't use diapers, so we send her in training pants w/ numerous sets of extra clothes. She will potty at school for them, and she will tell me 'poo-poo' and touch herself, but she won't go for me. She can tell me after she's gone and is very aware, but we haven't made the connection yet (at home) for the 'let's get on the potty BEFORE you go' piece of it. I'm not going to push it but I think she's starting to pick it up so in the next few months I might get serious. Not sure if that really helps, ha.

starnes family said...

You're on the right track! Laine taught herself essentially around age 2. We waited until about 3.5 for Jack because he wasn't ready and I figured I could train both at the same time since they're so close together in age. Worked like a charm.