Friday, June 27, 2014

Friday Five

I haven't done a Friday Five in a long time so I thought it was due.
This will be short and sweet, but an update on what's been going on.
#1. Nearly 7-months after I had dental implant surgery, my teeth are FINALLY DONE!
$6,000 later.
They were 2 teeth towards the back that were fractured and couldn't be saved.
I walked around for 7-months with those 2 teeth missing while the posts for the implants healed.
Couldn't be happier to finally have it all complete.
We joke that I could have had a boob job for what 2 teeth cost, but I don't need boobs.
#2. GO TEAM USA!!!
I'm not a die hard soccer fan, but I have jumped on the bandwagon in cheering on Team USA in the World Cup.
Who ever thought a loss would be good?
Let's just hope we can win Tuesday afternoon!!
Shelby will be sporting her patriotic colors ALL next week in anticipation for the 4th of July.
(which happens to be my favorite holiday)
#3. Speaking of Shelbs, she is 18-months old now!
That's a year and 1/2!!
I took her to her 18-month well check yesterday and she's 28-pounds and 33-inches!
We are starting to introduce potty training this weekend!
We'll see how this rolls!
 Let's hope she enjoys it as much as she does feeding Buddy.
It's the first thing she does when we get home.
She runs to the cabinet, grabs his food bucket and dishes him out some din-din.
#4. I'm super excited about our weekend full of parties and fun!
We have a surprise 75th birthday party for my cousin tomorrow afternoon, then tomorrow night we've been invited to Sarah's wine tasting party on her patio!
From what it sounds, it's going to be FANCY!
#5. I'm also getting excited to travel back to Hot Springs, Arkansas where all my extended family lives, come the weekend after the 4th.
It will be Shelby's first visit and everyone will finally get to meet her.
I'm also looking forward to hitting Lake Quachita on that Saturday!
Hands down, one of the prettiest lakes in the USA.
(Aside from Lake Tahoe)
That's all I have for today!
Have a GREAT weekend!!


Allena said...

Lots of great stuff! Drew's 18 month check-up is next week, and I can't wait to get her stats. Although I'm worried she's lost weight after 6 days of diarrhea, eek.

Sarah O said...

You look amazing! I with you on that bandwagon for the World Cup.

Rachel said...

Good luck with PTing!

Fran @ Sassy Southern Bride said...

Shelby is growing up so much! That is a gorgeous and peaceful view of the lake, that will be a fun trip for sure.

starnes family said...

18 months old! Time flies.