Thursday, November 21, 2013

Christmas Card Time....

It's that time of the year.
Christmas card time.
We didn't send any out last year.
Since I was due on December 5th, my plan was to do a Christmas/birth announcement but then she was late and by the time we got home from the hospital there just wasn't time and it didn't make sense.
So I sent out her announcements after the 1st of the year.
This year -- I'm wanting to do a family picture. 
Something that says 'holiday'.
Yeh, we have great pictures we took in the mountains last month and so forth, but I want something with us in red and looking festive.
So, here's what I'm thinking.
My parents bought Shelby a Radio Red Flyer wagon for her birthday so I thought using it in the pictures would be fun.
Here are two ideas I found on Pinterest.
This one is my favorite but of course we would be in more festive looking clothes.
We probably wouldn't be at an actual tree farm either but instead outside in a wooden/pretty area.
 This is another cute idea.
A little cheesy though.
We just plan on having my Dad take the picture when we're at their house for Thanksgiving next week.
Any other ideas?
We've got a busy week ahead.
Our friends from Ohio(that we went to CA with in September)and their 2 kids, are staying the night with us Monday en route to Hilton Head.
Then on Tuesday, my nephew and his girlfriend are spending the night with us.
On Wednesday, we'll all leave to go to my parents for Thanksgiving.
I'm ready for the holidays!!
How about you?


love jenny xoxo said...

love the ideas! I still need to figure ours out (I didn't send them out last year or do birth annoucements!). I prefer getting the family cards, instead of just the kids, because it's nice to see everyone. However, it does seem a lot trickier. Can't wait to see how yours turn out!

starnes family said...

Cute ideas. I'm working on ours now!

Sunshine In The City said...

Love your ideas! I already have mine! I used beach photos we took at the end of the summer so I ordered them early. Next year I want to something more festive.

Sara said...

Love the wagon. Those are always some of my favorites! We haven't even done our picture yet. So sad!

donatelli98 said...

Great idea Dee can't wait to see it. I already have mine ... Crazy early for me!!

Tricia said...

Love the cute! I'm hoping Rob and I can get a nice picture over Thanksgiving, if not, it will just be a plain photo. it's hard when there aren't any kids to make it cute. :)