Sunday, November 17, 2013

Life Lately in Pictures

Nothing too eventful going on around here.
We've been in town the past few weekends and just enjoying family time at home and out and about.

So, I figured I would just do a picture dump on here and fill you all in on what's been going on.

Shelby turned 11-months old this past week.
These monthly pictures have been fun but they've gotten harder and harder each month.
Between her not wanting to sit still, keep a bow on her head or look at the camera, it's hard!

So, here's what I got for this month.
Still cute, because she's a cutie!
It turned off REALLY cold here this past week.
In fact, it even snowed on Tuesday.
At our house we only got sleet but it was in the 20's in the morning and 30's when I would get home.
We live in a 3-story town home with no backyard so we have to physically get out and walk Buddy.

I do it in the morning while Brad gets Shelby ready for school and drops her off.
Then in the afternoon when Shelby and I get home it's part of our routine to walk Buddy again.
NOT so fun when it's 30-something degrees, blowing wind and sleet and you're trying to push a stroller, wrangle a dog.
But, we do it!
I just bundle Shelby up and at least Buddy isn't into cold weather.
Since then the weather has warmed back up to 70's during the day.
This weekend we made a trip to a park down the road from us.
Brad dared me to do the monkey bars.
Harder than what I remember.
Then he took a turn.
We were laughing our butts off!
 I posted this on IG and a lot of people comment that they do this at boot camp and Cross Fit.
I can see why.
It's a workout for sure.
We tried taking Shelby down the slide but she really didn't get it.

 My turn.
(BTW - I look horrific)
She put her foot down so we really didn't make it down.
 Shelby has 8-teeth now and eats pretty good.
The only thing she's really not into?
Stuff with pasta sauce.
Like lasagna, pizza, etc.
 We just started this weekend trying to get her use to eating off of a plate instead of just off the high chair.
It went ok.
Not great, but ok.
So, my question is - when do you introduce a spoon and fork?
 We got a sitter last night for the first time since June, and went out for our friend Keith's birthday.
Total blast!
We literally didn't get home until 1:30am!
 Our sitter finally texted and asked what time we would be home because her Mom was worried about her driving late at night.
 And, last but not least I'm in holiday mode peeps!
I actually bought the leggings on the right.
Even thinking about wearing them for family photos!
Who am I??
 That's all I have for tonight. 
I'll try and think of more exciting posts for later this week.
Happy Sunday!


Rachel said...

We started spoon and fork around 9 months? Maybe 10? I usually load it for her, but then she puts it in her mouth!

Mandy said...

Are those little LSU slippers?? Adorable! Love that your sitter put out an SOS call, sounds like a good night!

Anonymous said...

The weather has been crazy here, too. Just last week it was freezing cold and we got a little bit of snow (although, it didn't stick) and today it feels like late summer/early fall. Christmas is next month and it's warm outside!

starnes family said...

You can totally start with a fork and knife now. Buy the baby version, soft and safe, and let her play. She's the cutest!

And, monkey bars? Impossible now! I watch the littles fly by, but it's so hard for me!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

My boys ate well with their fingers and would just play with utensils, so I waited until they got the concept a little more, maybe 15 months? I always opt for the cleanest (easiest) option and pre-toddlerhood, utensil-free was it!

MCW said...

I can do monkey bars for a short distance. When I tried at the tough Mudder I fell immediately! Shelbsters is just the cutest.

Allena said...

Several comments:
1. I look at Shelby in pictures and think 'she looks just like Brad' and then I blink and think 'she looks just like Dee'.
2. We have given Drew a spoon several times (pre-loaded). She sometimes puts it in her mouth and sometimes bangs it and sometimes puts the wrong end in, ha. All just learning/fun.
3. My sister had some super fun leggings, and I literally have very jane open right now debating buying some patterned leggings.

Fran @ Sassy Southern Bride said...

Those leggings will be so cute with a sweater dress! Can't wait to see what you will pair them with. I have a Missoni for Target scarf that matches Shelby's sweater. So cute on her!

Monica said...

I have those same leggings, but with white snowflake/pattern! Too bad I won't get to wear them this winter b/c they won't fit while I'm pregnant!

I can't remember when we introduced the fork and spoon, but as long as you get an infant safe set, it's probably never too early to try.

If the shoe FITZ said...

No way we could use a plate in this house. it'll be on the floor in seconds!!

We had a late night too recently! I am pretty sure the sitter wanted to call CPS! ha!

I need to send you this yummy turkey meatball recipe I use for Cormac. It made a ton (like 40 something) and i just freeze and he eats them all the time and actually so do I when I am in bind for dinner! ha!