Sunday, November 3, 2013

LSU Homecoming and Sorority Reunion

This post is about a week late but I wanted to be sure to document it because it was truly the best time ever.
Homecoming at LSU combined with a sorority reunion tailgate.
When I booked my trip for the game, I sent out a message on Facebook asking other LSU Delta Gammas from the 1990's if they were interested in trying to do a reunion.
Everyone was all for it!

Of course, it was totally casual with no formal events planned, but even so it was super fun.

The day started out at the Bleaux Blow Dry Bar, that I mentioned in a previous post.
My best friend's sister opened this salon near campus.
Very fun to be pampered and have someone else do my hair.
Shelby has no hair otherwise she would have been pampered too.
Then we were off to the Dee Gee house to watch the Homecoming Parade.
Back when I was in school Homecoming was always fun with all the Greek's competing in a decoration contest but no one really hosted any sort of formal event for Alumni at the house.
Well, that has all changed!!
 The Homecoming Committee really went all out.
I was impressed.
 The inside of the house was decorated just perfect!
 And, they had a catered lunch for everyone!
 There was a group of us girls from the 1990's who met at the house before heading over to the tailgate.
It had been WAY too long!
I was, of course, excited for them to meet Shelby.
Most of them left their bambinos at home though.
 I had originally planned to leave Shelby with my Mom for the parade but my best friend talked me into taking her.
I'm glad I did.
She loved the parade even though it was LOUD!
I would like to think that Shelby might be a DG at LSU one day but realistically she'll probably end up somewhere on the East Coast giving we live in North Carolina.
Chances are she'll end up a Gamecock.
Crazy to think about.
 Even so I will continue to push LSU and have her wearing purple and gold for years to come!
 Then after dropping Shelby off with my Mom and brother we were off to the tailgate!
We tailgated in an area called the 'bread trucks'.
It's a DG and her husband's tailgate.
They and some friends converted an old 'bread truck' into a party truck outfitted just for LSU games.
So fun.
 All in all there were about 16 of us at the tailgate.
4 are missing from this picture.
 It was a lot of fun to catch up with everyone.
We all agree that we should make this an annual event.
 I even managed to run into some old co-workers from my very first TV station.
 And, a blog friend or 2!!
Yes, everyone thinks I'm a nut!
 Killer tailgate truck.
 Then it was game time!!
We sat in my best friend's seats that are in the endzone - 3 rows back.
 We won.
Beating SC's Furman.
 The best part??
They sell jambalaya at the game!
That's the end of my Louisiana trip recaps.
Hope you've enjoyed.
I know I sure had the time of my life


Mandy said...

So fun! And hey, Shelby could always be a Hokie ;)

love jenny xoxo said...

I love that first pic, so cute! I've never gotten just a blow out but I bet it's amazing!

Looks like tons of fun! It's so nice you all still get together!


Sara said...

Great trip! And Shelby would make an awesome Gamecock!

Anonymous said...

Looks like so much fun! I'd love to get my hair blown out one day. Looking back, I should have either done that for our wedding or done it myself - I've never had a good salon experience. And your dress is gorgeous -Love it :)

Fran @ Sassy Southern Bride said...

The bread truck idea is one of the best I've ever seen! College homecoming is so fun, and I hope I'll continue to go for a long time. It's so fun to remember all the crazy times in college.

Kate @ Daffodils said...

SO fun! I am jealous. We haven't been back to Auburn since 09. I dress the boys up in Orange and blue every weekend too and hope they end up going htere!

starnes family said...

Just caught up. Love your Halloween pics. Yall look so happy! And, the DG and LSU pics......miss it so much! Your hair looks awesome, too.

Ashley said...

This whole sorority football school sounds SO FUN! I didn't have that at all!

Tricia said...

This looks so fun!!!