Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Shelby Lately

Shelby will be 11-months next week and boy is she becoming a toddler more and more everyday!!
She's truly a hoot!
One of the new things she's learned to do?
Take off her clothes!
My Mom stayed with her one day in the past week and caught her doing it on camera.
She has a video that I need to get saved to YouTube, but for now just the pictures.
She started by pulling one arm out then the rest over her head!
Umm.. She'll be in onesies going to school for a while!
Look how proud?
She looks just like Brad here.
That's so his smile!
She's not quite walking yet but getting close.
Here's a video we caught over the weekend.
Yes, I call Buddy, the 'pooch'.

It was over the weekend that she started getting sick too.
She was actually sick coming back from Baton Rouge(she lost her voice), my Mom stayed home with her a day but then we thought she was fine.
Well, guess not.
She threw up on me Saturday night, had a fever on Sunday and just overall wanted to sleep all weekend.
Other than that she was is great spirits as you can see above.
On Monday the school called me mid-day to say that even though she didn't have fever it appeared she had come down with the Hand, Mouth and Foot virus.

Sure enough.
Tiny blisters on her hands and feet and I think a couple of her tongue but it's hard to tell.
So, she's been home since Monday.
I took half of Monday off and went and got her, Brad stayed home yesterday and today I decided to keep her home just one more day to let her rest and try and kick it for good.

She's been pretty good today except still wanting to sleep non-stop.
9:50am to 12:15pm this morning and she's been snoozing since 3pm. 
I'm assuming she'll sleep until 4:30pm.
Before all of that, this morning we went out for a stroll to enjoy the sunshine.
Today was also our maid cleaning day, so when she woke up I got her dressed and we ran a few errands and visited Toys and Company in Cotswold for the first time.
She was in love with this grocery cart!
Too bad it's $60!
I'm on a mission to find a used one!
Her first stop was the dolls!
I plan to get her a baby for her 1st birthday(more on that tomorrow), but I'm not sure which one yet.
Some of these are super expensive!
She was quite the shopper.
 But, we left empty-handed because I figure we're so close to her birthday and Christmas that we have to save a few things for both big events.
So, Shelby is progressing pretty well.
But, she is already testing us on some things and Brad and I are luckily on the same page about that!!


Fran @ Sassy Southern Bride said...

Hand, mouth and foot sounds so sad! Glad she is on the mend.

Sara said...

Hope she's feeling better now! She's definitely close to walking!! And long as she doesn't take her diaper off, you're okay :)

We got our niece the Bitty Baby from the American Girl store last year for Christmas and she LOVES it. Then everyone else can buy her clothes, stroller, to go with it. :)

Anni said...

Holden just had hand, foot, and mouth this past week too. Jay thought it was called foot in mouth disease and told everyone that's what Holden had! OMG I laughed so hard when my sister told me he was calling it that. We started Emma Cate on the american girl bitty baby line last Christmas. Her's is still in the box but I think I'm going to get it out soon for her to play with. We are trying to make it a yearly thing to get one of these special dolls. Also- just found a cart like that at Pottery Barn outlet for $29. If you call, they'll add you to a list and call you when one comes in.

Ashley said...

I love the little grocery cart. I cant believe its so pricey! She does look like Brad with that smile taking her clothes off! haha so cute!

eas said...

I love the picture of her in the stroller. Those shopping carts are so great. Wish I had bought one for E so we could have gotten our use but I can't stomach the cost.