Sunday, June 9, 2013

Weekend Rewind - Caught in Storm, Birthday and More

Our weekend was a jam packed one.
I'm ready for bed and it's not even 8pm yet!
It started with a little birthday fun as our nephew Reed turned 7.
Shelby was all smiles about her very first birthday party ever!
Look at those 2 teeth!!!!
Warms my heart, I can't hardly stand it!
Reed had his birthday party at The Sports Connection out in Ballantyne.
This place is shenanigans!
As Brad said, a casino for kids!!
Bowling alley, laser tag, climbing wall, ropes course.
And, they serve adult bevies which makes it even better! 
Reeders had a great day.
I was so happy for the little guy!
Even if he did get annoyed with my picture taking.
Niece Paige enjoyed herself too.
Grammy and Paw Paw traveled in.
The highlight of the day was when Reed took on the ropes course.
Gosh, we were all SO PROUD!!!!!!!
The other highlight was cake of course.
I wish I was still 7.
Not a care in the world except blowing out a few candles.
After the party we went home and proceeded to get ready for our date night to see Charlotte Squawks.
GREAT show!
That meant Shelby got an early bath.
And, we had some Mommy and Daddy time.
Today, our neighbors and friends Lu and Keith invited us on their new boat.
We enjoyed lunch at T-Bones beforehand.
Shelby was such a trooper the entire day.
Napped on the run even though it was hot.
She loves her some Miss Lu!
The weather was great at first and Shelby even dipped into the lake for the first time.
She loved it just like she did the pool last weekend.
We were having a great time.
Until the storm rolled in!!!
What a hoot.
Thank goodness it wasn't lightening or I would have been in hysterics.
Instead we all just rolled with the punches and took shelter under a nearby bridge.
I got on the floor of the boat with Shelby and wrapped her in towels to take cover from the storm.
Can you believe she fell asleep??!!
She slept through the entire storm fiasco.
Gosh, we're so lucky to have a laid back baby!
We waited out the storm and headed back to dry land.
Shelby didn't seem bothered by any of it!
Just look at this!!
Thanks to Lu and Keith for taking us out!!
Now we're home, Shelbs is in bed and I'm about to be.
Hope you all had a great weekend too!!


starnes family said...

I bet the storm lulled her to sleep. Great baby! Great recap!

ElizabethWiley said...

Love this! Of course, you're already back in a bikini! If you weren't such a sweet person, I'd call you a very ugly name! :D

Where can I get a WW Charlie Sheen Do? t-shirt?! Love it!

ElizabethWiley said...

Shelby is just adorable. I hope her teething hasn't been too awful. If you weren't such a sweet person I'd call you an ugly name for being back in a bikini! I love the What Would Charlie Sheen Do t-shirt! Let's get together soon!

Maran (HeyHawleywood) said...

that last picture makes me think she is saying "hey, look at my friend LuLu". So stinking cute!!

Tricia said...

Ok that storm looks insane. I love how Shelby slept right through the entire thing, and then woke up with smiles ready to go. :) And I love what you wore on your date night. Not sure if that's a dress or shirt, but looks so cute with the necklace. I spent most of the weekend out in the sun, and I'm exhausted too. :)

MCW said...

The pic of you all in the storm is amazing!!! Can't believe she fell asleep...

Kelsi Strong said...

That girl has some personality! What a cutie!

bmrich said...

Love the What Would Charlie Sheen do t-shirt in the last photo...

Rachel said...

What a happy girl!! Love the pics of her on the lake and in the boat.

Allena said...

I would have FREAKED over a storm if I had Drew! Reed looks like that just me?

Unknown said...

What a fun weekend. Love being on the water. Looks like so much fun! Lake Norman?