Sunday, April 28, 2013

Weekend Recap

Another weekend is almost over....
And, the weather today here in Charlotte has been miserable, it has literally rained all day long.
But before the rain, we enjoyed nice weather that made for great patio time.
Brad recently made us this table.
That deserves an entire post of its own.
Even Shelby has enjoyed the patio
As I mentioned in a previous post, we started Shelby on rice cereal a couple of weeks ago.
Well, we went in for her 4-month appointment(2-weeks late) this past week and the doctor gave us the green light for veggies then fruits.
So, we busted out the baby food maker that my cousin so kindly handed down to us!
After a trip to the Farmer's market Brad was in the kitchen making Shelbs some carrots!!
Excited baby girl!
(Who is in the 90th percentile for height!)
I don't think she likes them as much as the cereal but she eats them.
In other Shelby news, this is becoming a regular thing.
It really bothers me too having been a thumb sucker who had to wear braces for 3 1/2 years because of it.
Let's hope this is just a phase.
We went out on Saturday night.
We left Shelby with her first real sitter!
She did great for the most part.
Thanks again to Kristan for watching her!!
We went out in celebration of Brad's cousin Katie getting engaged to her longtime boyfriend Tim.
It was Brad's brother, Jeff and his wife Robyn.
And, Tim and Katie.
Their big day is next May in Virginia!
We had a great time!
Can't wait to do it again!
Then, this morning we got up and went to church and Brad is cooking up some chicken soup for dinner.
How was your weekend??


starnes family said...

Nothing wrong with a little too much fun sometimes. You've earned it!

Anni said...

What service did y'all go to? Does Shelby go in the nursery yet? I bet our kids have met and we didn't even know it!

Sara said...

Yay for a night out! And patio weather. Love the Beaba. I used mine all the time for both boys. Roasted sweet potatoes was a favorite in our house. And it's great once you've introduced Miss Shelby to several different veggies because then you can start mixing different stuff. My boys LOVED sweet potatoes mixed with apples. And spinach and pears.
I just want to pinch little Shelby's cheeks. So cute!

Ashley said...

Brad made that table?! It's awesome!! That's impressive! Shelby is so cute!

Unknown said...

The rain yesterday was just dreadful, but I managed to stay in my "house clothes" all day and even got a real nap! Ready for more warm, sunny weather, though.
Lulu and Daisy

Courtney B said...

But aren't those thumb sucking pictures the sweetest? Ha ha! Mia doesn't last more than a few seconds on her thumb. She definitely prefers her whole fist, ha!

Leigh Powell Hines said...

I love your top.

Unknown said...

Wow, such an adorable patio, well that was so sweet, eating at the patio with your baby, what a nice patio, everything are made of woods.

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