Thursday, April 25, 2013

A Girl and her Dog

I've waited for this moment for a while.
For Shelby to TRULY notice and acknowledge Buddy.
How exciting!
I've noticed her looking at him in the past couple of weeks but nothing like last night.
She actually reached out and tried to pet him!!
My hope for them has always been to be best friends and I think it could be happening!!
Check out a few pictures I captured...
Shelby saying HELLO Budster!!
She laughed when he started to lick her hand.
(He's licked her hand before but she wasn't really aware as to what was going on)
Just look at that face!!!!!!!!
Makes my heart melt into a million pieces seeing these 2 together!
I know there are many more of these days to come as she starts to eat food.
Yes, I was okay with this.
I know some people might cringe.
Buddy was my first baby and will always be.
I love him just as much as I always have, so it makes me super happy to see him love Shelby.
Check out this video for yourself.
Sorry for my high pitch 'baby' voice at the end! 


MCW said...

I love S getting Buddy kisses! So adorable. They are going love each other...

The Jones Family said...

Love it!!

Mandy said...

I love this, Dee!! She's adorable and it's so sweet seeing the love between them blossom! Ellie just started to notice Boomer like maybe a month or so ago & she laughs whenever he gets hyper from Shawn being rowdy with him. The best belly laughs ever! So adorable!!

donatelli98 said...

Love that girl and her Buddy!! Such sweet sweet pictures!!!

donna said...


Tricia said...

They are going to be the best of friends, and it too melts my heart. So unbelievably sweet. Brings a tear to the eye!! xo

Ashley said...

Aww, SO precious! AND HOLY Southern accent on you! I guess I should have known, but I never hear your voice! ha.
And that exersaucer- Anika got in hers (exact one) last night when we were down in the basement. Toy that keeps giving i guess.

Robin said...

So cute! Our oldest daughter's first word was our dog's name. There is nothing sweeter than watching your kids and their dog love each other.

Leigh Powell Hines said...

So cute.

Jess at Just Rainbows and Butterflies said...

Awwww so so cute! Love.

Unknown said...

Adorable! So happy they will be buds!