Sunday, April 21, 2013

Tons and Tons of Family!!

What a crazy week last week was.
One that I hope our country has to never repeat.
I was glued to the TV for days.
I'm just glad they found the bombing suspects and Boston and its surrounding areas are back to normal.
Gosh, thank you JESUS!
Prayers were answered!
Going into the weekend, I was still a little down giving the news and the fact they had not found the one bombing suspect.
I tried to put it aside though and enjoy the fact that we had a TON of family traveling in to meet Miss Shelby for the first time.
My parents arrived early in the day on Friday.
Mom got a chance to feed Shelby her rice cereal for the day.
Talk about make her day.
Mom loved it.
Then a few hours later a slew of family from Arkansas arrived including my Aunt Jane who is more like my Grandmother.
I was so EXCITED for her to meet Shelby!!
We even kept her up past her bedtime to meet Aunt Jane.
Brad cooked dinner for everyone that first night.(What's new)

The entire crew!
(Brad was taking the picture)
The next day my cousins traveled to The Biltmore and Aunt Jane stayed in Charlotte with me, Mom and Shelby.
We visited the Billy Graham Library and I have entire post on it tomorrow.
Then later in the evening my cousins drove back to Charlotte.
Gosh, Miss Shelby loves her cousin/Aunt Gena.
And, check out the new haircut on my parents pooch Max.
My groomer, Ron, at Classic Grooming gave him a haircut.
Then today, we got up and dressed and ready to say bye to everyone.
After they left we went out and visited even more family.
Brad's brother and his family.
Paige was excited to feed Shelbs.
And, play with her.
As was, Aunt Robyn.
Fabulous weekend just sad it's over.
Now for a case of the Mondays.


donatelli98 said...

Miss Shelby is the cutest baby ever - and I can say that since I have 2 cute kids! I was wondering Max came for the trip. Brad can come visit/stay at our house anytime!

Courtney B said...

Loved seeing these on insta! Such a great weekend with family!

Ashley said...

I looked at all the pics and thought, thats weird, Dee just posted pics, but there must be words I still cant see. I LOVE the pic of the two girls with matching shades on. so cute.

Mandy said...

I love how your parent's new dog makes any appearance in the background of some photos...

love jenny xoxo said...

I was glued to the tv too.. so crazy and sad!

Adorable photos, Shelby is so cute! And looks so happy too!


Monica said...

Case of the Mondays is so much worse when you have a baby. Hard to come off the weekend being with her non stop. Looks like a fabulous weekend with fun family. Shelby is so blessed to be loved by so many!

starnes family said...

Just catching up again. You look fantastic!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

How sweet! I love having family around too.

Unknown said...

That's a lot of people lovin on that little girl! How neat to spend the weekend with all your family, glad so many were able to come meet your little lady. I can see her personality coming through already!