Sunday, March 10, 2013

Weekend Recap

The weekend is over and now it's time for me to prepare for my first full week of work since baby.
We're getting into a better routine but it's going to take time.
I think I'm going to do an entire post on it later this week.

For now, a quick recap of our weekend.
We knew the weather was going to be stellar with sunshine and temps in the mid to high 60's, so we decided to head up to visit my in-laws.
So, Saturday morning we got packed and ready to hit the road!!
Miss Shelby has become one smiley baby!
It melts my heart!
We tried to spend as much time as possible outside because it was so nice.
Shelby loves rocking sunnies.
She really is, VERY tolerable of them.
We decided to take a stroll through downtown Salisbury just to get out.
And, we stopped for a glass of wine.
After our brief outing we headed back to the house where my FIL made a DELICIOUS meal.
I should have taken pictures.
Steak, asparagus, it was delish!!
My FIL had a birthday earlier in the week so we celebrated with an ice cream cake.
Then, this morning we took Shelby to church for the first time.
My MIL couldn't wait for all of their friends to meet her.
Not a great picture of any of us, but it's documented.
She was REMARKABLY good!
She sat on our laps the entire service and just smiled.
Towards the end she started getting tired and got fussy so I gave her a paci and it worked!
This is a big deal because she normally hates a pacifier.
After church we picked up some food and headed back to the house.
We are so lucky to have so much family nearby and so is Shelby.
We're just counting down the weeks until the weather gets warm enough for us to get out on the boat!!

That's all I have for this Sunday.


Leigh Powell Hines said...

She is such a beautiful baby. So sweet!

LuLu said...

She DOES look fab in her hat at church. The first pic is my fave ever taken of her.

MCW said...

What a doll! I am sure all of the church ladies loved her.

Ashley said...

her church outfit is SOO cute!!

love jenny xoxo said...

I love how smily she is! What a happy girl! And those shades... so cute!!!


donatelli98 said...

That picture of her sleeping in church is precious!!

Monica said...

Love her sweet little smocked dress she wore to church. What a little doll baby.

starnes family said...

DYING over the bonnet. Love!

Easton wife said...

OMG her smile! I wish we lived close so we could stroll with the girls and stop for a mommy drink ;)

bridechic said...

So, so precious! your baby is adorable!