Sunday, March 31, 2013

Shelby's First Easter

Shelby's first Easter turned out fabulous.
We spent it with my parents at their house in Eastern NC.
We enjoyed our visit just wish we had tomorrow off so we could have spent more of today with them.
Here's a few pictures.
Shelby had just a 'few' Easter outfits for the weekend.
My Mom has nearly as much baby gear at her house as we do thanks to her neighbors giving her items.
Keeps us from having to haul a whole lot to their house.
This was the first time Shelby had sat in such a contraption.
I think she liked it and it might be time for us to put our exersaucer together for our house.
She's mastered the Bumbo chair.
There are several pictures of her on tables and in chairs.
Just KNOW that we never leave her unattended.
The weather was pretty nice throughout the weekend so we took advantage of it and even went for a short hike in the neighborhood.
I can't wait to get Shelby out on more trails!
Mr. Buddy enjoyed Easter too. 
As he always does..
He's never left out.
Easter morning.
Love this one of Buddy looking up at her.
My parents are in love with Miss Shelby.
Checking out her basket from Gigi.
Of course, what would Easter be without an Easter bonnet.
I use to LOVE getting a new hat every Easter when I was a kid.
Such fun.
While most of Charlotte is now enjoying Spring Break this week, we'll be back to work and back to school.
How was your Easter??!!!


Kelsi Strong said...

You are such a cute mom and Miss Shelby is darling! I was wondering when did you start putting her in the bumbo? McKinlee's almost 8 weeks and I don't think her little neck will support her head for very long, but I'm dying to use it!


donna said...

Precious well dressed lil girl. Glad she had a great first Easter!

Anonymous said...

Glad you had such a great Easter! Shelby looks like such a happy baby in all of these pictures and her hair bows are adorable! :)


love jenny xoxo said...

OMG she just gets cuter and cuter!!! Seriously, what a doll!!!
{love jenny xoxo}

Ashley said...

You look great! I love all her Easter outfits. So, so cute!

starnes family said...

DYING over her clothes. So sweet! Every girl should wear a bonnet at Easter.

donatelli98 said...

Love the pictures on the patio!! Her smile is so sweet!

Courtney B said...

Shelby's outfits are to die for! SO PRECIOUS! And her smile.... melts my heart! She is so beautiful!
What an amazing Easter :)
And I'm incredibly jealous of your jogging stroller, ha ha!

Unknown said...

She is beyond adorable. What a fun weekend!

Faith said...

She is so, so precious! Loved all of her Easter wardrobe =)

Holly said...

Dee, your comment was so encouraging. It's so nice to remember that there are women who "get it." Thank you so much. PS Shelby is perfect! :) I love her easter get up.

Monica said...

She is such a little DOLL. Looks like a fun 1st Easter!