Sunday, March 17, 2013

St. Patty's Day Weekend

We had a great weekend full of family, friends and beers!!
St. Patrick's day is always a crazy holiday and the past few years we've opted out of going out but this year we opted in.
It's a close friend's birthday so we obliged and my Mom came over to babysit for us.
Her birthday was earlier in the week so we threw a mini dinner party in her honor.
Brad made his family recipe of roasted red pepper pasta with vodka sauce and grilled chicken.
Everything was delicious!
My Mom bought Shelby several St. Patrick's day outfits.
One more casual for school and another for the parade the next day.
Charlotte's St. Patrick's Day parade is NO JOKE!!
Thousands of people pack Uptown for it.
We met up with LuLu and her hubby along with Katie and Josh.
Governor Pat McCrory was the Grand Marshall.
So great!!!
Shelby did GREAT at the parade!
I think she was fascinated with it all and she loves to be in the middle of all the action.
The parade was longer than I expected and included the party pedaler.
Can you imagine? 
A moving bar!! 
The weather warmed up quick and Miss Shelby was getting warm too.
I'm talking nearly 80-degrees!!
Later in the evening, we went out for our friend Katie's birthday.
She's Irish and her birthday was a few days earlier so she blows it out every year!
We did dinner at Brazwells on the patio and went bowling afterwards.
That's right.
We avoided the bar crawl in Uptown Charlotte.
My friend Kelli met us out and if you're a loyal reader of this blog then you will know how curly her hair generally is!
Well, she got it straightened!!
I suck at bowling but it's always a good time.
We probably stayed out a little late but it was a good time!!
I know today is actual St. Patrick's Day but we did nothing to celebrate.
We did enough celebrating last night.
Before my Mom headed home we decided to try my first Easter dress on Shelby.
Cute or what??
I plan on keeping some of Shelby's outfits just as my Mom did.
I used those clothes growing up, on my baby dolls.
I figure Shelby can do the same.
Let's just HOPE she likes baby dolls!!!
I had planned to take Shelby to get her picture with the Easter bunny at the mall, but who knew he wasn't there yet???
I guess he gets there next weekend.
Soo.. I plan to dress her in her Easter outfit next weekend and have a picture taken.
Instead, today we went and met a friend for lunch in a cute little dress Mermaid sent her.
Thanks again Mermaid!!
And, how adorable is her smile and laugh??!!

So, there you have it.
Not an exciting post but our weekend is documented.
How was your weekend???


Jess at Just Rainbows and Butterflies said...

Oh my gosh, that last picture was too much! She is just so cute-I can't stand it!

LuLu said...

OH MY GOODNESS, that last picture. She gets cuter and sweeter every day!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

What a fun weekend (and so nice to have Mom around!). Shelby is too cute, I love the Easter outfits. I am a new follower of your blog (but an Auburn Tiger fan :)

donna said...

How fun! Goodness that last picture of her is just too cute!!!

Ashley said...

SOO many cute dresses!! I forgot to put A in her St. Pattys day outfit yesterday because we were at a birthday party. I miss living in Boston for St. Pattys day- always a fun celebration.

Sara said...

That big her!

donatelli98 said...

That last picture is so stinking cute!!

Rachel said...

You are right, it was a LONG parade...but fun :)

A friend told me she called Southpark and they are not getting an Easter Bunny this year. She said Carolina Place will have one.

Courtney B said...

Oh Shelby is a DOLL!! I always love your pictures on instagram! What a FUN weekend!

Tricia said...

I'm so jealous you were in shorts....we had snow flurries today. Looks like you all had a great celebration, and I love Shelby's outfit..."I'm a wee bit Irish"...too cute! Can't wait to see her adorable pics of meeting the Easter Bunny!

Leigh Powell Hines said...

She is precious. The weather was so warm then cold today. Great weekend.