Wednesday, July 18, 2012

20-Weeks Pregnant and Updates

I'm 20-weeks pregnant today with a little baby girl!
Honestly, it sounds corny but sometimes it's really hard to believe the whole thing is actually happening.
It's like a dream come true!

I'm feeling good despite a little bit of sleep issues here and there but overall doing good.
I went in today and learned that I gained 4-pounds last month.
Not bad considering all the books say you're suppose to gain a pound a week.
I think that puts me at 15-total pounds gained.
I'm keeping up with my 5-days of power walking each week but it is getting harder.
 I don't move as fast as I use to but keep telling myself that as long as I am doing something active than it's better than doing nothing.

So, here are my crappy bump pictures.
From the front.
 And, the side shot.
Buddy is in the back wondering, WTF?
Also, my bump was featured on the HoneyPie Archives this week.
Check out the cute bump post by clicking here.

Some days I look bigger than others.
In more baby preparedness news...
We bought a new car!
We traded in my JEEP Liberty for a Honda Pilot.
A ton of more room for Baby S and a 3rd row seat.
I love it so far!
I drove Honda's for 15-years until the JEEP so I'm glad to be back in one.
I also registered over the weekend with the help of my awesome SIL, Robyn.
Thank goodness she went with me because there are a lot of choices and half of the items I'm not sure if I really need or not.
I saw all sorts of cute girly stuff and it makes me even more excited!
Everyone laughs and says 'really?' when I tell them that I never pictured being a Mom to a girl.
Not sure why since I am a girly girl?
The only thing I can think of is because I did all the girly things I ever wanted to do and I don't wish to live through my child??
Even so, I'm into it now!
I went bat-sh--t crazy over this bedding a Pottery Barn Kids this weekend.
Then I realized it's on back order and my Mom talked me off the ledge saying that everyone under the sun will have it and that there are other things out there.
So, I moved on -- or -- might I say -- back -- to wanting something custom made.
 I found these fabric swatches at Bellini here in Charlotte today.
I flipped out over the ballerinas!
A lot of you may not know it but I danced for years and years and even taught for a while in high school.
My Mom saved my first ever ballet costume/tutu and shoes and had planned to put them in a shadow box one day.

Well, guess what??
That one day is here!
I want incorporate it into the nursery along with other dance/ballet pieces.
I hope to use some of these fabrics or some similar to them to have curtains and a bed skirt made.
I figure I can buy gingham sheets anywhere.
Not doing bumpers though.
I'm trying to convince my Mom to start sewing again! She was so good at it!
And, how about this lamp??
Love it but not the $450 price tag!
I love the ballet theme and I think it will work for Baby S up until she's halfway through elementary school.
So many decisions and fun things to get together!
I'm glad I have a few more months!
I'll try and post more in the coming weeks!


MCW said...

You look so good! I am sure it feels like a dream...I cannot even imagine!

Love the ballerinas. Perfect.

Courtney B said...

You look AMAZING!!
Registering is so overwhelming, but so fun! I seriously can't WAIT to find out the gender so that I can start shopping for real. If it's a girl? Our bank account is in big trouble... ha ha!

southern-newlywed said...

How exciting! You look great and I can't wait to see pictures of the finished nursery. :)

Leigh Powell Hines said...

You look amazing. So cute. I think the walking is great, and I was more active with my second pregnancy, but still gained a lot.

I love that fabric. And I think it would be lovely. I will have to reread what you said about bumpers. Crib skirts have more "life" in the room than bumpers and are around longer so you may want to keep that in mind with expense. I was more cost conscious my second time around because I stayed at home with no income. First time, I probably spent way too much on crib stuff, but I worked and that income. Technically, you are supposed to remove the bumpers totally when the baby can sit up or move around due to strangling issues.

I love the ballet theme.

Did you register for a halo sleep sack by chance? I love them, and am still buying them in extra large. LOL!

donna said...

You look fabulous my dear! Good for you for keeping up with walking.

Agree with the no bumpers. Not necessary but adds a lot of cuteness when the baby is not mobile or sitting up.

Love the nursery theme! Yes, registering can be overwhelming,it's great that you have some help. I wish I didn't registered for stroller system and just purchased a BOB, Fold and Go and a Maclaren umbrella. My other learned lesson---baby tub. All the cutesy one is kinda hard to use, I should have just purchased a Primo tub from the very beginning.

Oh well! Live and learn :)

Annie said...

OMG that ballarina fabrics is ah-mazing. LOVE LOVE LOVE! You look fabulous my friend!

Ashley said...

I looked at custom bumpers for MONTHS...and then realized I couldnt even use them! THE skirt will be perfect. I LOVE that fabric on the far left...and the dancers! so cute! There is so much crap you THink you need that you dont need :) I returned so much stuff. haha. You ae looking so good and way to go on only 15 pound gain!

Carolina Charm said...

Oh my, you look fabulous. I loooooove that chair, and ballet theme!!!

Steel Magnolia said...

Oh my word - that little mini, pink, toile chair and ottoman SLAY ME.

I Do Declare said...

You look so good in yellow!!!

LOVE the ballerina fabric and the shadowbox idea is the SWEETEST!

Carly Anne said...

You look fabulous! And, I love all of the little girl details you posted.

We have our anatomy scan tomorrow and I am on pins and needles...

Unknown said...

CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!! - it seems like everyone around me (in real life, no blog life, haha) is preggers or just had a baby - and 1 couple traded in their car for a Pilot too!!! - and i must say GO FOR THE ELEPHANTS :o) .. congrats again - SOOO exciting!

Anonymous said...

You look great, Dee! And your dress is so pretty!

I really like that blanket for a little girl too, but I agree with your mom. At least, I, would want something different than what everybody has. It is very cute though. And your idea of getting something custom made is great! I can't wait to see pictures of your nursery when it's finished! It will look great!


donatelli98 said...

We have a Pilot too - we got it when Bia was a few weeks old - great for kids! Love the swatches - definitely get your mom to start sewing again - it will make the pieces in the baby's room that much more meaningful!

BTW - you look great!! Seriously one of the cutest pregos I have ever seen!

Monica said...

You look great! Even after baby girl gets here, you will still feel like none of it is real. It's the best feeling ever. Most amazing experience you will ever have in your lifetime. ENJOY.

I had my bedding custom made at and I LOVE it. We did get bumpers, but took them out and put the breathable bumpers in for a while. Then, I put the bumpers back in because they really just made her crib look so much better. She has slept perfectly safe with her bumpers and I don't worry about her at all.

Have fun with all of your baby girl shopping!!

Sarah O said...

Dee you are looking fabulous! I love that little chair and I think the ballet theme is perfect!

Sara said...

You look darling!

I love the elephants!! The ballerina's are super cute too! Either one would be precious for a little girl. And yes--gingham sheets are available anywhere. I know I've seen them at Babies R Us and Buy Buy Baby.
Have to disagree on the bumpers though. I love the bumpers and think they make the whole crib look finished. I know some people say they're dangerous though....

Julian Levi said...

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Unknown said...

You are too cute! I loved the bump watch blog, how fun. The ballerina fabric is awesome, super cute. Bumpers are considered dangerous, but James was getting his arms and legs stuck in between the slats, so back in it went. It will be out again soon, probably not worth the $100 or so we spent on it. Hope you had fun registering, I'll send you a list of some of favorite things.

eas said...

You look great and i adore that ballerina material!

Wiz said...

You look so cute! Cant believe you are halfway there! Love the room idea. I love decorating nurseries :)