Thursday, July 12, 2012

Gallery Wall - Help Needed!

I can't believe it is mid-July and one of the big things I had on my 2012 list of things to get done is yet to be completed.
Create a gallery wall up our stairwell, and include my ginormous bridal portrait along with other picture frames full of family photos.

Here's some inspiration I found on Pinterest.
I know that many of you have done these in your home.
Why am I so intimidated???
I need help!
Here's what I'm working with.
 That big wall at the top of the staircase is where I want to put my bridal picture.
It's in a silverish/black frame.
Would it be appropriate to do the other wall in black and silverish/black frames as well?
I've heard it looks better to stick to black and white pictures but the bridal picture is in color.
Thoughts, suggestions?
 I just don't want it to look tacky or cluttered.
Anyone want to come help me?
I even bought one of these kits back in January but have yet to do a thing with it.


Anonymous said...

I'm in the middle of working on a gallery wall too (two actually)! I think it would be best to stick to black and white pictures, if possible. If you want to, you could send me your bridal picture and I could edit for you to a b&w, and if you like it you could use it. If you do color, I would at least keep it all the same type of frame. I have a really neat idea board for different ways to hang them if you want me to email it to you. I think 3 going diagonally (since the wall is slanted), and then 3 more above/below it in the same direction would look pretty on that "corner" wall - not sure if that's where you want them! Let me know!


RiverCityWallers said...

Young house love blog has some good suggestions. Mostly with tracing your frames on paper and taping to wall before actually hanging anything.

I Do Declare said...

We'd had our photos matted and framed for months but after too much wine one night we decided to pull out the hammer and ladder and just do it. Worked out well. Bahaaaaaaa!

Sarah O said...

I am the same way! I really want to do this, but I don't know where to start or how to make it look effortless. Definitely keep us posted.

The Lenzers said...

I'm getting ready to change mine up a bit. I switch out my photos a lot too. You do that with growing babies! You'll see.Sometimes I do it seasonally, fall photos, Cmas photos, BW usually in Janueary until I put in EAster bunny pics. I took newspaper and cut it to my frame sizes and then played around taping those to the wall until I found what I liked. I used all black frames. But as I am getting ready to expand I might mix it up a bit. Sometimes I feel a bit uncomfortable with the eclectic look, like I didn't do it right, so I will probably end up sticking with all black frames.
Congrats on baby girl! I loved your reveal party!! Great idea. I told you it was a girl!! I have a way of knowing these things. Haven't been wrong in the last dozen guesses

Annie said...

Could your bridal portrait be the only color one? It'd make it really stick out!

donatelli98 said...

I had one in my last house (no real wall space in this house for one). I started with the center picture and centerered it on the wall and just sort of added around it - add one on the left then one on the right - not so they are exactly the same but so it is symmmetrical.

Monica said...

I think whatever/however you put up will look great because each picture will be special to you! Just make sure you leave a few frames empty for BABY GIRL!

Leigh Powell Hines said...

I wanted to say hi. I am no decorating help at all, but I love your inspiration. I still have photos I need to frame and hang from four years ago. I'm terrible.

Unknown said...

The YHL links are a great tip with tracing on paper. here's a pic.
I always lay out on the floor and then go for it, with a level for help.

My best advice is to use command picture hanging strips vs nails, it makes everything so much easier. I think mixing and matching b/w and color pics will be totally fine. I have them mixed in all of my displays. From looking at your inspiration pics, and considering what you are working with - silver and black frames maybe add a picture or two on canvas (always deals and some diys for it) to make it eclectic, but purposeful. Mostly black with occasional silver would be pretty, too.

You've got to work with what you got! I say there is pinterest and then there is reality.

And yes, save frames for baby/have some to swap out!

Impulsive Addict said...

I have zero decorating skills but I think you've been given some good advice so far. I would LOVE to see the after pics!!!

Kristin said...

Hi! I have a gallery wall in my house, and just stuck to music. So they are all about the same neutral colors. My frames are a combo of colors - mostly black, but with a few metallic and one white. Here's the link to mine and how I did it. ---- I've added a few things since, but really like how mine is more spaced out than some you's all totally preference though! My dearest friend Jenni, also posted about hers today on her blog: ----- so go check out hers too. It's much more dramatic and oh so gorgeous! Good luck!