Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Perfect Saturday

No big adventures this weekend.
We stayed in town and boy, am I glad we did.

We had some neighbors over Friday night for drinks and dinner.
Saturday we woke up early and did our usual.
The Farmer's Market, Sams Club, Garden Ridge, Pier One, the mall(can you freaking believe that).  All before 11am.
Then we got home and I started doing laundry and gave The Buddy a bath.
He looks thrilled doesn't he?
 He always goes bonkers afterwards.  Runs around rubbing around on the floor trying to dry off not to mention shaking.
 Then comes the good and best part of this Saturday. made it THE perfect Saturday.
I got a call from one of my best friends Kathleen(for a recap click here) who asked 'Are you in Charlotte? What would you say if I said you could hang out with Blake(her 7-month old baby boy)and I today?'

I was like.........

Yep, we had some nasty storms here and while enroute from Ohio to Hilton Head Island her flights got messed up and she decided to get off the plane here in Charlotte and her Dad drove up and got them.

That meant -- 3 hours with her and Blake!
This was our first meeting and it was an awesome one.

Isn't he adorable?
 We celebrated with champagne(she needed a glass after all her flight drama with a 7-month old), strawberries and bruschetta.

The Buddy was in love with Blake! Blake liked him too.  He kept smiling and laughing at him.
 Doesn't he have the prettiest big brown eyes!? 
 I don't think all babies are cute but he sure is! He was a perfect angel too! Just rolling around and being happy.  You would have never known that he had been traveling all day!
This was such an awesome surprise! Like Kathleen said -- it was meant to be. After they left Brad said 'what a great bonus for a Saturday', yep..I agree.

They're now chilling in HH getting ready for the Heritage Golf Tourney this week/weekend.
How was your weekend?


Jo said...

How fun! Meeting up unexpectedly would make for a perfect Saturday. I must agree that Blake is awfully adorable.


Dee said...

What a cutie pie!! Looks like you had fun with them!

The Soladay Family said...

What a precious baby boy! His eyes are beautiful.

Sounds like a perfect weekend indeed. =)

I Do Declare said...

That Buddy - such a good cousin to cutie Blake! I love those post-bath pictures of Buddy - reminds me of Chloe. She does the same thing! Isn't he so soft after a bath, though? I always love knowing other people indulge their dogs the way we do - hee!

The Jones Family said...

Our dogs do the same thing after a bath, too funny. Blake is a doll baby and sounds like you guys had a good weekend!

Morgan said...

Too much cuteness in this post!!! ahhhh! :)

donatelli98 said...

Yeah - so nice you got a surprise visit! Love the picture of you and Blake! He is precious!

Nikki said...

I heard about the storms. So awful. Glad you found a little ray of sunshine in the mess. Those brown eyes are to die for, lucky you!

The Lenzers said...

what a cute baby!!!! Buddy looks like he enjoys baths far more than my dogs. I started having them bathed at the vet because I could not handle it anymore.

Sara said...

He is a doll!!! Adorable! So glad you got to spend some time with him and his momma. Fun!

love jenny xoxo said...

cute pictures!! My dogs do the same thing after a bath! I think they have a lot of adrenaline pumping through them!


starnes family said...

He is super cute!!!!!!! What a fun surprise.

I didn't know dogs could do so much with their expressions. Buddy looks upset in that bath!

Jenny DB said...

aaawww BUDDY!! That looks about like my pups in the bath. Having SUCH a great time ;-)