Friday, October 4, 2013

Weeks worth of stuff

I can't believe I only posted once this week!
Not sure why that it is, but it is.

I generally do a Friday Five but today Ill just do a random check in on what's going on. 

Shelby finished 10-days of antibiotics Monday morning and late that afternoon I got a call from the school that she had a fever. 
Brad and I couldn't believe it.
I stayed home with her Tuesday because of the 24-hour rule at the nursery school. 

I think it might have been teething. She seems to be fine now.

This is a week or so old but I found Shelby's Halloween costume!

She's going to be a lobster!!
Cute or what?
I was a cheapo and bought it on Craigslist for $20. It retails for $50.
Kids wear them once so I thought no harm.

I'm going to organize a Halloween get together with the other families in our hood with babies Shelby's age.
I cooked 3xs this week and the fav was Skinny Taste's spaghetti squash boats with grilled chicken. 
Brad loved them !
I've been working on letting go and forgiveness recently. 
Not easy friends but I'm praying hard to let it go that some people just don't and never will like me no matter what I do or say. 
I had a great lunch yesterday with Hopsy from Kappa Prep.
She was in town from Dallas and I can't tell you how excited I was. 
We literally could have talked for hours!
Lastly, I'm headed to Baltimore tonight to spend a girls weekend with Patra from I Do Declare, MCW from Saving the Best for Last and Tricia from B'More Girlie!!

Just wait for the post next week!!
Until then, TGIF!!!


Monica said...

Precious little lobster! Lyla is going to be a hoot owl. I almost didn't get a new costume b/c her black kitty costume still fits from last year, but I went ahead and got a new one and I'm glad I did. It's adorable on her! Can't wait to see more lobster pics after your Halloween get together.

Alayna said...

That costume is toooooo cute!

Mindy said...

Oh my goodness, that lobster costume is adorable!!! That's such a good idea to look on craigslist for costumes...I'll have to remember that!

Hopsy said...

I could have used another 6 hours to catch up! Thank you for meeting!!!!

Anonymous said...

Shelby's costume is adorable!