Sunday, October 20, 2013

Pumpkin Patch, Play Dates - Weekend Fall Fun

Monday is right around the corner.
We had a great weekend at home and it was really nice.
It started out on Friday with a little play time with Shelby then a homemade meal compliments of Brad.
She loves her Daddy.
I love her Daddy too.
Saturday morning we had a date to hit up a local pumpkin patch.
The weather was dreary but we went despite the fog, dark skies and drizzle.
We knew we had other things on our agenda for the rest of the weekend.

We went to Bush and Vine in York, South Carolina.
A real, deal farm where you can pick your pumpkin straight from the vine.
I can't wait until she's old enough to go on a hayride and really enjoy it!
I so remember those days!
So fun!
It started to rain so we picked a few pumpkins from inside the farm store.
Then headed home.
Brad had a friend in from out of town and we had invited neighbors with kids Shelby's age over to enjoy a few snacks and drinks while watching football.

I made the 2-ingredients muffin/cupcakes.
1 can of pumpkin, 1 spiced cake mix bake for 40-minutes.
Topped with cream cheese frosting and sugar.
My little baldy.
 Shelby's friend Parker came over to play..
 And, so did Raleigh.
They were all born last December.
Parker being the oldest and Raleigh the youngest.
 There was about 12 people in all and it wasn't even 5pm!
 Today consisted of more play time.
(Shelby LOVES riding in the grocery cart)
 And lunch out to watch the Panthers game.
 This week consists of gearing up for our trip to Louisiana.
We leave Friday morning.
It will be me, my Mom and Shelby.
Shelby's first flight and first time to meet my brother and her cousins!
Please let me know what tips are best for flying with a baby.
We're flying direct into Baton Rouge.
I'm hoping it's easy peasy!!
Hope you all had a great weekend!


eas said...

What a great low-key weekend! Caroline has some of those balls with spikey things and loves them. Best tip I received, and we fly a fair amount, is to do
Bottle during take-off and landing to help with ear issues.
Eleanor loved flying at Shelby's age and squeeled with delight looking out window. Have fun!

Ashley said...

She is such a doll! Love her dresses.

Ashley said...

the start of your post said MOnday is creeping in but it reminded me because this morning when Anika woke up she came in my room and asked where Daddy was and I said its Monday, he left for work a couple hours ago and she was said, ohhh, I didn't know the weekend was over! It was in a really disappointed voice. I was like join the club girl!

Fran @ Sassy Southern Bride said...

I absolutely adore Shelby's candy corn smocked dress. It's just perfect!

donna said...

So cute in her smocked dress! Adorable fall family pictures of y'all.

Sara said...

What a cute picture of all of you in the pumpkin patch with Shelby smocked out. Love it!!!
I'll be so sad to put up all of our smocked stuff. Boohoo.

Flying tips: Honestly at this age? Food, food and more food. ha! At least that was the case with both my boys. Lots of snacks and a few toys that she's never seen some of her favorites just in case the new ones are a bust :) Be sure and have a sippy cup of water or whatever for her to drink on take-off and landing. And lollipops are a great thing! Trader Joe's has some organic sugar free if y'all have those??

MCW said...

She looks like such a priss between the two boys. So funny. Yayee for weekend in LA!

I flew with my nephew alone when he was a year and I just made sure to have food and little toys that I rationed. When he got bored with something I pulled something else out!

Anonymous said...

I love the pictures from the pumpkin patch. Shelby is adorable! And your hair looks great :)