Friday, October 18, 2013

Friday Five

My version of the Friday Five today even though I don't link up with all the bloggies anymore.
It's been a good week and I'm loving the crisp Fall air.
We plan to take Shelby to the pumpkin patch tomorrow and get some cute pictures and gourds for the house.
My favorites from this week?
#1. Shelby helping with laundry.
She is so busy these days and I love it!
 Girlfriend just needs to learn how to fold!
 #2. Junior League of Charlotte event celebrating Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
One woman was brave and shared her story about how she learned that she was diagnosed with BRACA and decided to undergo a full hysterectomy and mastectomy.
The event was held at the JLC Wearhouse and I scored a few cute items for my closet!
 #3. Drinks with friends after the event at the Peculiar Rabbit who happened to be celebrating their 1st anniversary last night!!
In celebration they had several local breweries on the patio and they were handing out free samples.
Yes, please!
One of them was Bird Song, which happens to be owned by a group of people I rode the Creeper Trail with a couple of years ago.
Including Chandra!
It's actually 6-friends and they have had AMAZING success so far.
So much that they have a waiting list for tap handles in restaurants.
 #4. Coming home last night to a giant box of hand me downs for Shelbs from our friends in San Francisco!
Tons of pretties!!
 #5. And last but not least in that box was something I was overwhelmed by.
A book on the Golden Rule.
Matthew 7:12 - "Do Unto Others as you would have Them Do Unto You."
This was ENGRAINED in my brain growing up and more recently it has been something I've started talking about because I really want Shelby to live by this scripture.
I was telling my friend Beth about it and somehow she had already bought 2 books about it so she sent us one.
LSU takes on Ole Miss this weekend which is always a big game and rivalry.
That's all I have for today.
Have a GREAT weekend!

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Hand me downs are the best!