Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Trick or Treating on LSU Sorority Row

Since it is Halloween Eve I decided to post about LSU Homecoming and my sorority reunion later this week and move straight to one of the highlights of the weekend in Baton Rouge.
Trick or Treating on LSU Sorority Row.

It was Sunday after Homecoming and the fraternities and sororities at LSU always deck out for the game so I guess it makes sense to host a trick or treat event.

It was 3pm to 5pm, but beforehand my best friend's sister Rachel hosted a group of friends and their kids at her Bleaux Blow Dry Bar near campus.
Food and wine for the moms and treats for the kiddos.
 Crafts too.
They have a playroom at the salon/dry bar.
Shelby spent 2 days in a row there and loved being with all the other kids.
Check this out!
 Tons of fun stuff for the kids!
 I waited to change Shelby into her costume until right before we left.
 Then it was ON!!!
Sorority Row at Louisiana State University at its FINEST!
Every sorority 'pomps' decorations for the Homecoming Contest.
 It was light rain but it didn't seem to bother anyone.
Especially not us! 
My Mom and brother joined in on the fun!
I'm sooo glad they did! 
I think they had as much as me and Shelbs did!
A little girl only 3-weeks older than Shelby.
She was pushing this cart everywhere!
 A spaghetti and meatballs.
 Then Shelby the crawfish!
This was in front of my sorority house.
Delta Gamma.
They even had a jump house for all the kids!
 The decorations all along the row were pretty amazing!
Shelby's first time trick or treating.
So fun and special!!!
I really wish Brad had been there.
He would have loved it!
 My best friend and her girls and a friend and her girls in front of the DG house.
 I ran into so many people from college it wasn't even funny.
My best friend said I would.
This is Christine, a sorority sister I haven't seen since we were in a wedding 10-years ago together.
 Ironically, Claire was in that same wedding!
 And, then we saw a few other crawfish costumes.
I don't know these people at all but thought it was funny.
Her son is 6-days older than Shelby.
BTW.. Shelby had her first Tootsie Roll Pop and literally went BONKERS!!
 It started raining more and we decided to head back to the DG House to take cover.
My brother was running with the stroller and Shelby was literally hanging out waving to people!
 Back at the DG House we checked out some old composites.
 Then got changed.
She was a TOTAL riot!!
All the members in there were laughing their butts off!
Such fun and I really believe I'm going to make Homecoming an annual trip for me!!!
Especially if the trick or treating is involved!
After trick or treating I went to dinner with my best friend, her sister and their girls.
They continued to be enamored with Shelbs and even won her a stuffed animal in the arcade.
Best trip in a LONG time!
I seriously can't wait to go back!!!
Happy Halloween!!!


MCW said...

That does look like so much fun. Our sorority life was sooooo different,

Alayna said...

Shelby is getting so big! She is not a baby anymore....

starnes family said...

OMG, so fun. Love all of this!!!!!! Trick or treating on sorority row. Awesome.

donatelli98 said...

So fun!!

Anonymous said...

That looks like so much fun! All the decorations look amazing and Shelby's costume was so cute! Happy Halloween :)

Annie said...

How FUN! That's so cute that they all hand out candy to the kiddos!

Ashley said...

They really go all out! What a fun event!! SHelby looked like she had a blast!!

Sara said...

So fun!! Love Shelby's crawfish costume! Especially for LSU :)