Monday, October 28, 2013

Shelby's First Flight

We got home today after spending 4-days in Baton Rouge, Louisiana visiting family and friends.
Epic trip for sure.
My first time back in 2-years and Shelby's first time ever to Louisiana and her first flight.

This trip has been booked for months.
I knew I wanted to take her down there to meet my brother and his kids and wanted to coordinate it with an LSU game because Fall in Baton Rouge is all about football.

I chose Homecoming and then organized a group of sorority sisters to come in and have a 'makeshift reunion of sorts'.

My Mom jumped at the chance to come and Brad got to enjoy a 'boys weekend'.
Then, the day before we were suppose to fly out my Dad fell on a wet floor in a DC hotel concierge lounge, and to make a long story short I was pretty sure my Mom wasn't going to be able to come.

In the end, my Dad got tons of meds and was able to manage on his own at home and my Mom was able to make the trip after all.
(by the way, my Dad is not 100% yet. he hurt his hip, shoulder and leg. say a prayer)
Today I'm recapping flying with Shelby then will move on to the rest of our trip.

We booked our trip to fly direct from Charlotte straight to Baton Rouge which is a 2-hour flight and on a small Express plane.
After a ton of advice I packed a boatload of snacks, books, and downloaded apps on my phone for Miss Shelby.
Our flight going both ways was scheduled around her nap time.
Before getting on the flight we had a little breakfast in the airport, changed diapers in the family bathroom then were on our way.
 She didn't sleep as much as I would have liked.
About 30-minutes total.
The rest of the time was full of us entertaining her.
She has become a real character!
 And, is cute as can be!
We managed to change a wet diaper with her laying across the 2 of us.
I can't imagine if she would have had a poo diaper.
LORD help us!
We lucked out!
 A short video..
 When arriving in Baton Rouge Shelby was ready to rock and roll!
I have so much to tell about our time there but I will get to all of that tomorrow.
 Our flight home was a bit better.
She wasn't as cranky but she didn't sleep as much either.
All I can say is thank goodness for my Mom traveling with me.
I can't imagine being on such a small plane with her and a random next to me.
They would have been ready to blow their head off.
 All in all it was a pleasant experience flying with Miss Shelby.
I did the bottle trckp for take off but I don't think she would have been bothered if I didn't.
People have asked for advice about flying with a baby.
Here's what I would say.
Come armed with snacks.
Wagon wheels were our friend as well as Cheerios.

We also brought our stroller and I would NEVER not travel without it.
Huge for us.
We checked the car seat in a bag that a friend loaned me. It allowed you to be able to roll it.

I packed all of my clothes and Shelby's together in one suitcase and checked it.
That cost me $25 but the car seat is always free.

I then took a diaper bag and another bag that had my purse and big NIKON camera in it.

Because of all of our stuff, I had Brad drop us off at the airport and we cabbed it home today.
Much easier than having to mess with parking shuttles.
We simply installed the car seat into the cab quickly.

Totally worth it and probably about the same as parking.

More tomorrow including Shelby meeting her Uncle and cousins for the first time!


donna said...

Hooray for a great first flight for Shelby!

Mandy said...

My goodness, she is such a little ham- always smiling for the camera! And so sorry to hear about your dad, hope he is well soon.

Fran @ Sassy Southern Bride said...

Oh no your poor Dad! I hope he recovers quickly. And yay for Shelby's first flight.

starnes family said...

I have flown with babies solo and it's no picnic. But, I always tell just have to get on and off the plane. You'll either have a good story to tell or she'll be a perfect angel. :)

Hope your dad is OK!