Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Baton Rouge Part 1 - Shelby Meets Family and Friends

I have over 240 pictures from my trip to Baton Rouge so I'm going to break it out in posts so I have it all documented.

After flying in we went to lunch and met my brother.
This was his first time to meet Shelby.
It was such a beautiful day so we sat outside at Sammy's Grill off Highland Road near LSU.
Shelby enjoyed shrimp for the first time and loved it!
Shelby got to meet my childhood best friend Rebekah too.
She took right to Bek and is ready for some more babies to play with because Rebekah is due with twins in May!
I enjoyed a few Abita beers that we can't get here in Charlotte.
My new favorite is Canebrake.
I'm not even a huge beer fan but this is delish!
Back to the point of this post.
Shelby meeting her Uncle, cousins and close friends.
I love the oak trees in Louisiana.
Perfect day and weather for picture taking that Friday we arrived.
Shelby, my Mom and I stayed with my best friend at her home.
Her husband was in China on a graduate school trip but her girls 11 and 6 were there.
She had the place decked out for Halloween.
Miss Brooke was enamored with Shelby.
They were instant friends!
The same for their 6-year old daughter Bella.
The entire weekend they were the biggest help with her.
It was so cute and fun!
We can't wait to go back!

Then Shelby met her cousin Preston(23-years old) for the first time.
He was a little apprehensive at first because he hasn't been around a baby in years but they quickly were bffs.
Then he met his other cousin Holly(21).
Unfortunately, her other cousin, Hannah(19), didn't make it over.
The weekend of meeting all sorts of family and friends ended with a few tunes from my nephew and his talented girlfriend.
They perform at bars across BR and South Louisiana.
Such fun times and we're excited that we'll see Preston and his girlfriend again for Thanksgiving!
My brother would join too but Holly has to work so they're coming after the first of the year to visit.
Tomorrow my post on LSU Homecoming and my sorority reunion.


starnes family said...


And, Rebekah with twins!!!!!!! So exciting!

Anonymous said...

Such a cute video :) Shelby's leopard print outfit is adorable.

donatelli98 said...

So glad you had a great trip. Hope your dad is doing better

MCW said...

Omg. I just watched the video and Jax is next to me on the couch. Every time you talked he cocked his head toward th iPad. I think he missed you!

Fran @ Sassy Southern Bride said...

I just have to say your Mom is a beautiful lady!!