Monday, October 14, 2013

Fall Trip to the Smokies

We're SUPER tired but we had an amazing trip to the Smoky Mountains this weekend!
We left Saturday morning and got up to the RV campground at 1pm, just in time for check-in.
Shelbster was tired of being in the car so we decided just to set up camp and relax for the rest of the day instead of trying to run around and fight the crowds in and around Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg.
The LSU vs. Florida game started at 3:30pm so we were just in time.
It was a great game and fun to be able to watch it outside at our campsite.
We have a TV inside but we brought an extra for outside this time.
Everyone might make light of me always trying to keep our campsite festive when we're on the road, but this time I wasn't the only one.
I wanted to take pictures of some of the other Fall/Halloween decor at some of the other sites, but felt kind of weird.
These people go all out!!
Ours was MILD!!
One of my best friends bought me 'Table Topics' for my birthday and it was so fun for Brad and I to sit around and ask each other fun questions.

 All while Shelby snoozed and snoozed in her makeshift crib.

The next morning we decided to drive into the National Park, despite it being closed.
This was Brad's first time and I really wanted him to see how great it is so we can come back when our government isn't shutdown and keeping Americans from their parks.
Makes me soo mad!!
Even so, we drove up to Newfound Gap and took some pictures and had a picnic, giving that all the picnic areas are shutdown and barricaded off.

Traffic was crazy but we did it, even if Shelby screamed for the last 20-minutes until we got to the top.
The leaves at the higher elevations were really something to see.
Brad and I both agreed it was worth fighting the masses to get up there and see the color.
As I mentioned, Shelby was super tired of riding in the car so we decided instead of trying to find somewhere else to picnic we would just eat right there at the Gap parking area.
Maybe, but it worked and we weren't the only ones doing it.
Again, super sad the parks that we pay for aren't open for us to enjoy.
Then, we made our way into Gatlinburg.
The Myrtle Beach of the mountains.
I have been here once, briefly, YEARS ago and it was only to have lunch.

Let me tell you what.............
VERY crowded!
It was probably a combo of it being prime leaf peeping season, a holiday weekend, and the fact that people weren't in the National Park like they would usually be.
The sidewalks were jammed!
And, what is up with this?
I have never seen more people pushing their dogs around in strollers.
 There was a ton of LSU gear in the stores in Gatlingburg and there were a ton of LSU fans and Louisiana residents in our campground too.
 Then back to camp with Shelby crying the entire way because she pretty much hates her car seat.
When we got back we put her in the walker and she was the center of attention in the campground as she just took off!
It was hysterical!!
Great trip, good times.
We both agree, we'll be making our way back to the Smokies in the near future.
There's so much to do, we just didn't have enough time!
Happy Fall Ya'll!!


eas said...

I love how festive your campsite is. And the pics of you with foilage in background are Beautiful!!! Don't even get me started on shutdown! Being in DC, half our neighbors and friends are not working, or working with delayed pay,etc.

Alayna said...

Let's call her lightening in her walker lmao

starnes family said...

LOVING the fall set up in your pics. Gorgeous colors and so fun! Yall look great in the ones with the mountains behind you.

Lame? Not at all!

Millie bought us table topics...or a variation of it years ago. Fun!

I love your trips!

donatelli98 said...

Love!! Hope she starts liking her car seat soon!!

Unknown said...

These pics are amazing!!! I hope they make your Xmas cards bc these are fantastic family portraits!!!

Mandi @ Southern Gnome said...

I love it when people are festive and decorate their camping area. It's so fun.
And Myrtle Beach of the mountains... That is EXACTLY how I described it the first time I went.
Great photos. Looks like you had lots of fun.

Mandy said...

The photos are awesome! So pretty!

Nikki said...

Your campsite pictures are always so fun! I've only been camping once and it was not much fun for me, but my husband is dying to get a camper....your photos might be swaying me a bit! :)

Allena said...

So fun! I have to know where you got her little white flower shoes in the first few pics. I MUST have them for Drew!

Fran @ Sassy Southern Bride said...

What beautiful pictures of your family! I went to Gatlinburg on a girls trip a few years, MB of the mountains is a very good description, haha.

MCW said...

Shelbs looks like she loves the outdoors! Beautiful pics.

Kate @ Daffodils said...

Yall are really getting use out of that camper! I love shelby in her walker taking off- too cute.

Sara said...

Fun trip!! The views are GORGEOUS!!! And those pics of y'all are framers for sure. Darling!
Hopefully, the car seat thing is just a phase! She's still backwards, isn't she? My kids both hated sitting backwards. I know, I's the safest. They still hated it. :)

donna said...

what a bummer about the park! Love how you decked out your camper. Also, good for y'all for sharing your passion and hobby with Shelby!

Leigh Powell Hines said...

I love her makeshift crib. Catching up on some blogs. Great times.