Sunday, April 13, 2014


I'm officially 'pooped'. 
Awesome weekend that I will post more about tomorrow.
Saturday morning I got up and enjoyed 2-days of hiking with my friend Kelli.
Stay tuned for posts about that.

Until then, a few pictures from Friday evening.

The weather here has been awesome which means we're back into dining outside.
Shelby loves it too.
Girlfriend had a somewhat better week at school with the biting.
She bite 4 kids on Wednesday but none on Thursday and Friday.
Let's hope she doesn't get kicked out of school.
 Friday we did something new.
Turkey bacon wrapped shrimp on the grille.
Just, eh...
Not sure we would do again.
The jury is still out.
 Friday night also involved us attending our first online wedding.
Brad's cousin Leslie and her cousin Andrew got hitched in Vegas Friday night.
 Our neighbors Bryan and Shannan joined in on the fun too!
 And tonight, I was welcomed home with a home cooked meal by Brad.
Roasted chicken, mashed potatoes and green beans.
More tomorrow.


starnes family said...

Online wedding. Fascinating!

Sarah O said...

How cool is an online wedding! That chicken looks amazing. I've never roasted a chicken but I really want to. Any tips?

MCW said...

You are non stop. Seriously.

Monica said...

I couldn't even get mad at that sweet little girl even if she bit me! Look at that face! It's really neat that you can see important things online now. When my hubby graduated from college, my sister and brother in law were able to watch from home while they babysat newborn Lyla!