Sunday, April 6, 2014

Shelby's First Easter Egg Hunt

The highlight of our weekend was Shelby's very first Easter egg hunt.
I wasn't sure if she would 'get it' or not, but she did.
Especially when she figured out there was candy in the eggs!!

When researching area egg hunts I ran across a website that was promoting Historic Rosedale's.
I had never even heard of this local plantation home, but I'm here to tell you that the grounds are very pretty even if it is in the middle of one of the worst parts of Charlotte.

It was GREAT for pictures.
I set it up where a few friends met us there with their daughters around Shelby's age.
We also had Shelby's bff from nursery school meet us out there too.
The hunt was really nice because most of the children were younger and a majority younger than 2-years old, which meant that all the eggs didn't get taken by older kids.
Daddy helped Shelby learn the ropes!
It didn't take any of the kids long to figure it out.
It was too cute.
All smiles!!
The Easter Bunny made an appearance too, but Shelby wanted NOTHING to do with him.
Most of the kids weren't into it.
Look at the little girl in the background.
She flipped out!
I'm thinking Shelby will be even more into it next year.
Heck, I was hunting eggs into my teenage years.
My Aunt and Uncle use to put money in the eggs and there was always a 'golden egg' which was a panty hose egg and it had a $100 bill in it.
We would be tearing up the yard!!!!
Happy Easter to all of you!!


donna said...

Fun! I love Easter Egg Hunts and seeing kiddos in their adorable outfits.

Fran @ Sassy Southern Bride said...

I love your Lilly top!! Shelby is adorable, of course.
But that bunny is a little bit scary. Can't say I blame Shelby for not being into it!

Allena said...

She's all 'check out my eggs' and then 'uh-uh Mr. Weirdo'. :)

Mindy said...

Awww sad day that Shelby wasn't a fan of the Easter bunny this year!!!! But I do love her monogrammed Easter shirt!!!

Sara said...

I wouldn't want anything to do with that bunny either. Creepy!!!!
She looks so stinkin' cute in that outfit. I just love all of her hats! I wish I could get JR to wear a hat. He wants nothing to do with them. Understandably, I guess :)

Ashley said...

Well, that bunny is a little creepy, so I can see why the kids were scared!
We were at a party this weekend that had a Mickey Mouse and one little boy (almost 3) was SOOO Scared, he was SHAKING!! He was terrified! I said maybe he is scared that THIS Mickey had a....male version of a camel toe? ha

MCW said...

That bunny is scary! Poor kids.