Monday, April 7, 2014

Other Weekend Happenings and Pictures

I mentioned Shelby's first Easter egg hunt in my last post but that wasn't our entire weekend.
Friday night started out with a birthday celebration for my dear friend Kelli.
We tried out one of Charlotte's newer restaurants, BAKU.
I'm not a huge sushi eater but the place was very cool.
There were 8 girls total.
We never got a picture of the entire group at one time.
Kelli and I are actually going hiking this weekend so we'll keep the celebration going.
Moving on to Saturday.
After the egg hunt the weather was so beautiful that we decided to head up my in-laws house.
A golf cart ride was first on the agenda while sneaking in a few snuggles from Daddy.
After being given the chance to drive she was all about the cart all weekend long.
Grammy, who just had hip replacement surgery last week and has rebounded like I've never seen anyone, had a few Easter surprises for Shelby.
Then back outside.

She is quite the hoot these days.
We had a great time and can't wait for more lake time as the Spring and Summer continues.


Allena said...

Snuggles with Daddy!!! Love!

starnes family said...

Love the Egg Hunt and I love Shelby's pink hat! Darling!

donna said...

So cute! I LOVE your top! Do tell where from? :)

Sara said...

Your MIL just had hip replacement surgery?? WOW! Rockstar!! Shouldn't she still be in bed?? That's amazing.

Brad and Shelby are so cute together. Love those pics!

donatelli98 said...

Your MIL is a rockstar! So glad she is recovering so well!

Mandy said...

That pic of Shelby cuddling Brad is the sweetest!

Alayna said...

Brad's mom looks great. I can't believe she is doing so well:)

MCW said...

You look so damn cute! And the weather looks amazing.

Annie said...

That picture of Shelby hugging Brad is the cutest picture ever!

And good to know that she rebounded so quickly from hip surgery. My Dad has to have the same thing soon!