Thursday, June 9, 2011

DC Bound!

I'm so excited that we're heading up to DC tonight!

We're staying with friends tonight and tomorrow and in the city Saturday night as we have a wedding reception to attend.
Wait till you hear all my fun plans!

While Brad is playing golf tomorrow I will hop on the Metro and meet my friend Ieva for breakfast at The Hay-Adams' restaurant Lafayette.
Very cool friends.
It overlooks the White House and Lafayette Square. I'm stoked! I'll be sure to take pictures!
 Then I'll hop back on the train and ride down to the Capitol where I'll finally get to meet I Do Declare!
I swear we are twins and I can't wait to chat it up! I Do Declare works on the Hill so she's going to take me on a tour of the House of Reps! Fun or what?  Afterwards we'll lunch somewhere nearby. Can't wait!
 After lunch I hope to finally get to tour the Newseum.  I'm not sure if I'll have enough time but I hope so!
Then I'll head back to our friends.
On Saturday Brad and I will head into the city and get ready for the wedding reception.
The venue?
The Sequoia overlooking the Potomac.
I've never been but hear it's gorgeous. Can't wait for this either.
Good Times for SURE! The only thing I'm NOT looking forward to is the traffic. Boo.
Get ready for picture overload this next week.
In other news...I'm still following the Casey Anthony trial and the more I watch the more I think she really did pre-meditate it.  I originally thought it might be an accident and she was just covering it up but for someone to Google search chloroform 84 times in a month is a bit much. I truly think she resented Caylee for robbing her of her youth and because her mother adored her.
I will be real interested to see how her defense plans on defending her.  Seems overwhelming if you ask me.
What do you think?


MCW said...

I am not even paying attention to the Case Anthony thing. I will look to you for updates!

Have fun in DC!!!!

I Do Declare said...

Can't wait for an "adventure" with you!!!! Safe travels!!!!

And I agree - the google searches, not to mention all the smell science, to guilty!

The Jones Family said...

I think she thought it out as well. Very sick.

Have so much fun in DC! Can't wait to see pictures!

donatelli98 said...

Can't wait to see pics - looks like a fabulous weekend planned!!

Casey - sick - I am sure I will hear a lot about it when I am in FL next week.

Summer Athena said...

i stopped following a long time ago. too heartbreaking knowing what we would do for a child.

as for dc, have a blast but um, you are so close to NYC. COME HERE>

Nikki said...

FUn fun fun! You guys go to the best weddings. I need friends with money so I can attend their fantastic weddings.

starnes family said...

Looks like an awesome trip. So my style!

Dee said...

Have fun, take lots of pics!

Newlywed Next Door said...

I need to go to DC, I have not been in almost 10 years. That wedding venue looks amazing!

April of Smidge Of This said...

You're going to have a blast in DC, Dee. Enjoy and safe travels! Can't wait for lots of updates and pictures.

love jenny xoxo said...

I hope your having a great time our your trip! I was just saying today that I want to see DC!

Can't wait to see wedding pictures too!