Friday, June 17, 2011

My Dad

Happy Father's Day weekend to all the Dads, soon to be or want to be Dads out there!
My blogging bestie I Do Declare emailed me to see if Buddy would be getting Brad anything for Father's Day.
Hmm..I responded.
I didn't get anything for Mother's Day! So probably not! HA!
I take that back - he might get a card.
As with Mother's Day, I was going to write something about my Dad but realized I did it last year.
Click here to read.
Of course, I couldn't resist showing another wedding picture of us two either.
It's only been a year and half! I love excuses to bring out the wedding photos again.
We are hanging with our friends Katie and Josh this weekend and I hope to go to Symphony in the Park on Sunday.
We hope to get a little sun.
More on that next week.
Until then - Happy Father's Day to my Dad! You're the best!


The Jones Family said...

Cute picture! Enjoy the weekend.

starnes family said...

Happy Father's Day to everyone.....enjoy your fun weekend! Love the photo.

Jo said...

Great photo of you and your dad! Have a fun weekend ~ love live music in the park.


Alexandra Bee Blog said...

What a cute picture--loving the red shoes!

Nikki said...

You two are so cute!