Thursday, October 30, 2014

LSU Homecoming

It's no secret I love LSU and Louisiana with my entire heart.
I would never want to move back there because I feel there is a better quality of life here in the Carolinas for us and our daughter.
But I still love visiting.

LSU Homecoming is totally awesome compared to when I was in school. 
I really feel that they cater to alumni so they will give and donate to either sorority or school.
On the morning of Homecoming each sorority and fraternity hosts an alumni lunch then the parade rolls by.
If this happened when I was in school, I surely was too busy worrying about making party cups and planning my game day outfit to remember!!

What I DO REMEMBER is all the awesome Homecoming decorations we would work so hard to make.
While we worked hard, these girls have come leaps and bounds doing what they do with tissue papers these days.
We used chicken wire.
Not sure what in the world they use these days to accomplish this!! 
The first photos are from from my sorority house. 
Delta Gamma.

 This was the winning decoration though. 
 We got there around 9:30am, before the parade and lunch to walk to the row and see them all.
I was with my Mom and niece.
My best friend just had twins 6-months ago, so she and several opted out since they were tailgating later in the day too.

 After walking the row I toured my niece through the house.
So fun to see how some of the girls decorate.
 The house I lived in for nearly 3-years.
 Last year the lunch was cajun food, but this year was bbq.
No big, but I was a bit disappointed.
Even so, Shelby loved it all.
 I saw so many sisters.
It was awesome!!
 The place got packed pretty quickly...
 After the parade and lunch, my Mom took Shelby and I met up with my friends for the tailgates.
 My best friend from childhood brought her whole crew except one twin.
She's a rockstar to say the least.
 My school.
So proud to have my degree from here.
 Tailgating is so fun at LSU.
You see the cheerleaders and everyone and anyone you know if your from the area!
 Not going to lie.
I let my hair down this day giving I had been on parent duty for weeks.
 I think I was most excited to be reunited with one of my childhood friends.
Tracy and I were like 2-peas in a pod.
Seeing her was like picking up from yesterday.
I might have had several jello shots with her.
 From there we went to the DG tailgate and the rest is history because my phone more less wouldn't work
 A lot of you would be surprised but we didn't even have tickets to the game.
My best friend sold hers when she had the twins and I seized the moment to watch LSU beat Ole MISS with family.
My youngest niece event showed up.
How cool is this?
Brad and my Dad are missing but still a treasured picture.
 I still need to recap the last of my trip, which is, trick or treat on sorority row, but maybe I combine it with Halloween.
Happy Weekend!

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starnes family said...

It's too much!!!!!!! I'm absolutely loving this post. You in front of the stadium is the cutest ever.