Thursday, October 16, 2014

Deep Creek, Maryland Girl's Weekend

My first girl's weekend with Shelby is in the books and it went A LOT better than expected.
The 7-hour drive alone with Shelbs and Bud, was great.
I honestly, had feared the worst but it wasn't bad at all.
I was armed with snacks, movies, busy boxes, etc.
No meltdowns on the way there, just a freaking speeding ticket.
76 in a 65, redic.
At least they knocked it down to a non-moving violation.
Other than the ticket, we stopped once on the way there.
Pretty awesome if you ask me!
The whole point wasfor our daughters to meet and it was a success!!
They played well and even shared!
Epic for this age.
Hadley turns 2 on November 13th and Shelby will be 2 on December 12th.
We decided to go ahead and get each other's girls their birthday gifts.
That first night we chilled at the house, drank wine, cooked dinner and let the girls play.
I probably should have left Buddy at home but Shelby is pretty obsessed with him right now and thought he would be great entertainment.
I was right even though I think the long road trip was rough on him.
Saturday morning we woke up to chilly temps and a constant drizzle.
Even so we headed into town for the Autumn Glory Festival.
The parade was getting ready to roll.
We bailed before it rolled because of the weather and the girls sacked out on the way to lunch.
Lunch was right on Deep Creek Lake and Kathleen talked me into getting Shelby her first chocolate milk ever.

Someone is now a fan!

Where we had lunch had an awesome play area outside for kids.
Great way to burn off energy!
After that we shopped around town and took in the Fall foliage and beauty of Deep Creek.
Then home where the girls played their hearts out.
The cabin we rented was in the Alpine Lake Resort and I would totally go back.
Affordable prices, great place.
We had 3-bedrooms and 2 baths, wood burning fireplace, washer/dryer and tons of deer outside our windows.
The next morning the weather was better and we enjoyed a great day!
Chilly but fun!
We took in a couple of craft shows that were part of the festival.
Then went to the pumpkin festival and great race on top of Wisp Mountain.
They had a pumpkin carving and decorating contest.
Some really cool pumpkins!
The Great Pumpkin Race was on top of the mountain at their Whitewater rafting facility and all proceeds went to charity.
You paid $5 for a pumpkin and could decorate it how you wanted.
We got there at the last minute so we simply wrote the girl's names on theirs and headed towards the water.
Each pumpkin had a number and the the first pumpkin to reach the finish line won $370.
It was a big event with a lot of people.
Everyone we talked to said it was their favorite event during the festival weekend.
We agree.
Then they turned the water on!!
It was super cool to watch the pumpkins in the rapids!
They were selling hot chocolate and coffee.
We didn't win the race but Shelby's pumpkin did win a prize in the raffle.
It was a Autumn Glory Festival hat!
The girls were pretty tired, but we went to lunch at a local brewery right down the mountain.
We had considered it the day before but figured it would not be family friendly.
We were wrong!
Everyone at the Race told us it was great and they were right.
Wood fired pizzas and local brews.
It was too cold to sit outside but in warm weather, Mountain State Brewing, has a great outdoor area with an awesome view.

Our last night was spent at the house enjoying wine, cheese, a fire and best friend talk.
Gosh, I wish I had close friends that lived nearby.
Our first girl's weekend was a HUGE success and as I mentioned before, we hope to do this trip again every other year.
My hope is that Shelby and Hadley are always big buds just like their Moms!
The 7-hour drive home had a lot more stops versus the way up but at least there were no speeding tickets to be had.
That's a WRAP!


donatelli98 said...

Love that you did this!
So many fun memories and love that Buddy got to come along too!

Alayna said...

What a fun trip and I'm glad the girls got along so well!

starnes family said...

So fun!

I love Shelby and all her boots. Wish we lived closer so I could give you lots of Lainey's stuff!