Friday, October 17, 2014

Friday Five

A quick Friday Five.

#1. I attended my very first 'young' Junior League Sustainer event this week.
They do a monthly happy hour and I have to say it was great.
I met two ladies my age who have children Shelby's age, not to mention, they're working Moms too!
Hope to get together with them again soon.
 #2. We just bought this for our dining room from a friend.
They paid almost 2K for it and she just wanted to get rid of it.
We are paying $200.
Shenaningans or what??
We have a side curio right now and that's it.
 #3. Shelby is a hoot and half.
They learned about doctors at school this week and she came home with this.
Doctor kit is on our list for bday gifts!
Yes, she pulls her pants up like this all the time.
 #4. I got accepted to the Disney College Program Alumni Association!
They sent me a swag pack and I am still so excited!
I was an intern there in the Spring of 1995. 
Almost 20-years ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gosh, I'm old.
#5. Last but not least, I found a big bump on Buddy's side during our trip.
It's protruding.
I'm taking him to the vet today.
Please say a prayer it's just a non-benign cyst/tumor.
This dog is my rock.


Fran @ Sassy Southern Bride said...

#1 looks like SO much fun! I desperately need a china cabinet. Lots of wedding gifts and china are in boxes in a guest room...but, we'll get there...
I hope sweet Buddy is OK!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

1. So glad you find some like-minded mom friends! that is always exciting.

2. the Melissa and doug DRs kit is really cute- we got it for B two years who and he still plays with it

3. Hope your pup is alright!

4. We are going to Garmish in Germany exactly on week from right now... ahhhhh!

starnes family said...

Yay for the Disney Alum!

Love that furniture piece. Fabulous find.

Annie said...

That china cabinet is awesome! We need one badly. Thinking of buddy!