Thursday, October 9, 2014


It's officially my weekend.
Tomorrow I hit the road with Shelby and Buddy for our first ever long road trip.
We're traveling 6 1/2 hours up to the Deep Creek area in Maryland to meet one of my best friends Kathleen and her daughter Hadley who is a month older than Shelby almost to the day.
I've yet to meet Hadley and vice-versa. 
We are so excited to see the girls together!

As for what else is going on.
Brad took Shelby to breakfast a couple of Sundays ago so I could sleep in. Mama slept in until 10am!!!
I picked Shelby up from school early one day last week and they had just gotten off the playground.
She was hot, sweaty, red-faced and worn out from playing so hard!
We've been enjoying the nice weather by having dinner on the deck when we can.
Love it.
We've also gotten back to making risotto on a regular basis.
So good!
The past 2-weekends have been here at home and it's been nice.
Shelby loves goofing around and being Buddy's wing-woman.
Along with Daddy's girl..
Best dog in the world!
Last but not least, my cousin Alayna and her husband Sean got to town yesterday to look for places to live when they move to Charlotte next month.
Shelby was VERY near bedtime so wasn't a happy camper but we got a photo anyway.
I'll be back next week with all the deets from my mountain weekend leaf peeping and attending the Autumn Glory Festival!!


Sarah O said...

My husband talks about Deep Creek all the time but I've never been. Can't wait to hear about your trip. That picture of Shelby hugging Buddy is so sweet!

Allena said...

I just love those 'regular' weekends! such great pics of shelby!!