Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Home Sweet Home Louisiana

Hello Friends!
I've got a ton of catching up to do not only with this blog, but many of your blogs too.
I took a bit of a break with my trip down to Louisiana then recuperating from it.
Brad and I knew the month of October was going to be nuts, but I have to admit, it was more crazy and hectic than I anticipated.
We're both vowing to stay put for the rest of the year after a wedding in Greensboro next weekend.

So, onto the topic of this post, recapping my trip back home to South Louisiana.
I made this same trip last year with my Mom and just loved it.
I'm pretty sure LSU Homecoming will now be an annual thing for me and Shelby.
This year we traveled in on Thursday evening and we ended up staying with my brother and niece Holly.

In pure Dee fashion, we had a packed agenda on Friday!!
Top on the list was to take Shelby to see LSU's Mike the Tiger for the very first time!
This is a big deal for LSU fans.
His habitat was revamped my Senior year of college and it's just beautiful.
 Mike was actually out and laying in the shade.
We got a pretty good view of him!
 I think Shelby was pretty taken with the whole experience probably because I made such a big deal about it.
Not to sound cheesy but I really was very excited about it!
I truly love LSU!
 Shelby was pretty shy around my brother Wes unless we were out and about doing things.
Then she was all about him.
Made his day..
 After a lunch of hushpuppies, crawfish tails and etoufee we decided to drive out to one of my favorite places in South Louisiana.
Nottoway Plantation in White Castle, Louisiana.
About 30-minutes from Baton Rouge, it's the largest remaining plantation home in the South and I just happened to work here my sophomore year of college.
 I was a tour guide on the weekends and just loved it!
Nottoway was a wedding venue and a small bed and breakfast back in the 90's, but the place is a full out resort now with a spa, inn and more.
What a gorgeous setting to get married, right?!

 Truly a fun afternoon!!
Not to mention, gorgeous weather!!
After putting Shelby down for the night my Mom and I ventured down into the bayou town of Maurepas to hear my nephew and his girlfriend perform.
Always fun to hear them at one of their 'gigs'

A fun start to the weekend.
The next day was JAM PACKED with LSU Homecoming, the game against Ole Miss where we WON!!
More to come, once I upload all of my pictures!
Fun at the Delta Gamma house and tailgate!
Stay tuned...


Allena said...

What a fun trip! I love Shelby's LSU dress!

Fran @ Sassy Southern Bride said...

For such a ferocious animal, Mike looks so cute and peaceful sleeping! I was in heaven looking at these beautiful plantation pictures! Maybe your niece or Shelby will want to have their wedding there one day!! My BFF and I are trying to go to Nola for her 30th in March. It will be my first time there!

donna said...

I love Louisiana! I love the people, the food, everything (well maybe except LSU...hahaha)

Sarah O said...

I was looking forward to this post. I've never made it to LSU and I'm dying to go. Everything is so pretty, especially that plantation!

Alayna said...

Did you get to see a room @ the plantation? Still looks so beautiful.

starnes family said...

I still haven't taken our kids! So terrible.