Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Halloween Cookies and Pumpkins!

I've never been a full out Halloween person but this year I'm getting more into it because Shelby is at the age where we're able to do a lot of the festive traditions with her.

Such as....
Halloween cookies!
My MIL bought us an entire kit of seasonal cookie cutters so I was excited to use the Halloween ones.
This was Shelby's first time to make cutout cookies!
We did them Sunday morning with my niece Holly and my Mom(GiGi).
Holly saved the day and finished the icing and helped decorate the bats and the ghost cookies.
 I think they turned out so cute!!
 We let Shelby decorate the reject cookies.
She really got into it!
When it was all said and done we packaged them up for her teachers.
Maybe, but we're leaving town Thursday and won't be back until Monday afternoon.
I'm not going to have time to do treats after I get home.
Monday night brought more Halloween fun when cousin Holly helped Shelby carve her first pumpkin!
Holly's favorite holiday is Halloween so she was really excited to be able to share the experience with Shelbs, and as you can see below, Shelby was pretty stoked too!
She wasn't sure about digging the seeds out at first.

She quickly got into putting the seeds on the baking sheet.
Everyone keeps asking me if I let her eat them.
She didn't even try either.

When it came to the actual carving, obviously, Shelby wasn't able to help, but she was pretty interested.
AT least for a while.
Holly made the comment that it was a pretty rare for her to be able to share such special moments with her first cousin Shelby.
It just happened that way.
Awesome memories.
As was the pumpkin!!
YAY for Disney!
Shelby has a couple of different costumes for Halloween, but you'll have to wait and see.
Her first dress up event is this Sunday at LSU's trick or treating on sorority row!


Allena said...

So fun! What great memories!

starnes family said...

Look at that satisfied smile! So cute. Can't wait to see Shelby's costumes!

donna said...

Fun memories!