Monday, October 20, 2014

Apple Picking in the Blue Ridge

For years I've heard about picking apples up in the Blue Ridge in the town of Flat Rock, but in my 12-years living here, I've never made it up.
That is, until this last weekend.

I love doing new things around the Carolinas, but I have to admit, it seems every time I do something new, it's all wrong and I'm unprepared.
This was another another example of that.

Brad has been on his hunting trip since Friday so my parents came in.
My Dad opted out of doing our day trip to stay with the dogs.
So, it was me, my Mom, niece and Shelby.
Beautiful day!!
 It was BUMPER TO BUMPER getting up the mountain to the Orchard.
 We had to park really far away and the BIGGEST mistake we made was not bringing our Radio Red Flyer from home.
This place is gorgeous very hilly and a lot of walking.
If you like apples you'll be happy to know that there are a ton of different apples in the orchard.
 We were able to score one of the little poo-poo flatbed wagons in the orchard, but to be honest...
It wasn't worth it.
Hard to pull, not safe and just overall a big pain.
Even so, when we happened to be in a flat terrain area, we let her ride in it.
 Some areas of the orchard had more low hanging fruit than others.
Once we found those particular areas we were excited.
 Shelby really enjoyed the whole process!!
Picking and eating.
 Our niece and Shelby's cousin Holly is still here in NC until Wednesday.
She has been enjoying her last moments with Shelby here in NC.
 Such a fun time!
Exhausting, but fun.
I had to literally carry Shelby out of the orchard because she was so tired.
 Mama was tired too.
Up hills and everything.
 Afterwards we had a late lunch in Downtown Hendersonville and Mommy had 2 pumpkin beers and let GiGi drive.
Not going to lie, the Orchard WORE me out!
 Such cute stuff to do in Hendersonville.
Shelby loved the bears.
 After lunch we headed to the Blue Ridge Parkway for a bit of leaf peeping then headed home.
 Such a fun day!
I truly heart Fall!


donna said...

Awwww. I remember you making a comment that you can't wait for Shelby to get a lil order so y'all can do fun stuff like this. Looks like she's loving it!

starnes family said...

We missed apple picking this year. So sad. Love this!